Saint-14 Ghost Location Gateway Impossible Task Destiny 2 Pools of Luminance

Destiny 2 Saint-14 Ghost gateway location is a place that you have to find in order to complete one of the steps in the Impossible Task quest, and it is hidden deep in the Pools of Luminance. That leaves us with several questions; namely, how to enter Pools of Luminance in Destiny 2, and where to find the Saint-14 Ghost. Oh, and where to find the Gateway that will lead you to it. With all that said, here’s our Saint-14 Ghost Location Gateway Impossible Task Destiny 2 Pools of Luminance guide to answer those questions for you.

Saint-14 Ghost Location Gateway Impossible Task Destiny 2
Saint-14 Ghost Location Gateway Impossible Task Destiny 2 Pools of Luminance

How to Enter Destiny 2 Pools of Luminance?

To enter the Destiny 2 Pools of Luminance, you’ll have to find a very small entrance that is very easy to miss on Nessus. You’ll have to get there to find the Saint-14’s Ghost. So, the first step is to go to the Cistern Landing Zone on Nessus. Then, go down the path, under the small waterfall. Turn to the wall on the right, and go through the small hole. Follow the path forward, and, eventually, you’ll come across the glowing water. Jump onto the round platform in the middle, then into the circular corridor. You’ll now be in Pools of Luminance.

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Where to Find Saint-14 Ghost in Destiny 2 Impossible Task Quest – Arcadian Valley Gateway Location

To find the Saint-14’s Ghost location in the Destiny 2 Impossible Task quest, you’ll have to find the gateway location in Arcadian Valley, on Nessus. The first half of this task is reaching the Pools of Luminance, as we’ve explained in the section above. Once you enter the circular corridor, you’ll have to hop from stone to stone in order to avoid the glowing water. Hop along the platforms and, when you turn the corner to the left, look up, and you’ll spot another circular doorway. Jump through and get ready to battle some Vex. When you kill them, head towards the wheel on the far side of the room, and go around it on the right. Once again, kill the Vex, and interact with the large pillar of light, which will activate the Gateway.

When you interact with the Gateway, follow the laser towards the now-activated wheel. Hop into the center, and you’ll be transported to Vex Gate Network – Sub Transit. Walk around the corner to the right. You’ll see a glow in the far end of the corridor. Approach it, and you’ll see what seems like a clawed Vex hand holding Saint-14’s Ghost. Approach and inspect it. This will wrap up this quest step.

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