Destiny 2 Plant Transponder - Open A Gateway - Impossible Task - Tangle & Mists Nessus Location

Plant Transponder is part of a mission in Destiny 2, called Complete an Impossible Task. One of the steps requires you to open gateways by planting Vex transponders in certain locations on Mists on Nessus. There are six of them, and while some are hidden in plain sight, others are more difficult to find. If you’re stuck with Destiny 2 Open a Gateway mission, this guide will show you all six Vex transponder plant locations.

destiny 2 vex transponder plant locations open a gateway complete an impossible task
Destiny 2 Vex Transponders Planted – Open A Gateway – Impossible Task

Exodus Black Vex transponder plant location

Spawn at the Exodus Black landing site. Look up and to the right, and climb up the ledge. Once you’re there, jump across the chasm and onto the other platform. Get up on the rock and look to the left. You’ll see a white circle on the ground. Get there and plant the transponder.

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Hallows Vex transponder location

To get to this one, go to the Hallows and drop down into the hole. Head to west to the area where the public events take place. If you look towards the orange corridor and up, you’ll see a cliff. To get there, you’ll need to follow the orange corridor until you see a stone ramp on your right. Follow it and you’ll end up on the cliff, right next to where you’re supposed to plant the transponder.

Vex transponder location at Watcher’s Grave

Spawn at Watcher’s Grave and head towards the golden spaceship. Turn left before you reach it, towards the big golden light in the cliff. Turn left as soon as you’re in the valley, and follow the path past the stones. When a path opens up on the left, you’ll find your transponder spot.

Tangle Vex transponder location – Mists on Nessus

This one looks like it’s in the Tangle, but it’s actually in the Mists. This sub-area is a cave system below the Tangle. In order to enter it, approach from the Watcher’s Grave, then go down the path on the right. Follow the gorge until you see a cave mouth on the right – there will be a faint orange glow. Follow the cave until you yourself across the chasm from a big light in the wall. Go left from there, and you’ll find the transponder near a tree. This is the area where the Insight Terminus strike takes place.

Cistern Vex transponder planted location

Spawn at the Cistern and follow the path into the area proper. Stand on the shore, facing the Well of Flame tower, then head across the lake and to the left, where the marker is leading you. You’ll find the transponder on the solitary stone by the waterfall.

Chamber of Water – where to find vex transponder?

The last one is in the Chamber of Water. To get it, you should land at Watcher’s Grave, then head towards the golden ship. Go through the portal on the right, and follow the cave until you reach the place where it opens into a cliff. You’ll see the transponder plant location on the right.

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