Saturn Survivor Sludge Location - Destiny 2 Wanted Bounty

Saturn Survivor is yet another wanted bounty villain in Destiny 2 Forsaken. If you talk to Spider this week, he might ask you to deal with this particular transgressor, one of the many escapees from the Prison of Elders. Not much of a prison, if you ask me, considering the number of escaped convicts we meet daily. He can be found in the Sludge, an area in the EDZ, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. This guide is going to help you hunt down Destiny 2 Saturn Survivor, so you can claim that weekly bounty.

destiny 2 saturn survivor sludge location
Destiny 2 Saturn Survivor Sludge Location – Wanted Bounty

Where to find Saturn Survivor?

If you read the bounty description, you’ll discover he is to be found in the Sludge, an area in the northeast of the European Dead Zone. The area has its own landing spot, so land there. He can spawn in many places, as the game treats him just like a regular high value target. This means you’ll have to roam around the area until he shows up, which could take up to thirty minutes.

We found him in the middle of the area, at the entrance to the Cavern of Souls lost sector (the one inside the storage container, behind the rusty truck). He’s a Taken knight – nothing too threatening, but he can take a beating. There’s probably going to be other people around as well, trying to complete the same bounty. You can team up with them, but there’s chance the kill won’t count for everyone. It might depend on how much damage each player has done, or it might just be a bug. Either way, be wary of other players – they’ll make the challenge easier, but you may end up having to repeat it. It’s not a hard encounter, but waiting for him to spawn can be boring.


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