Scourge of The Past Raid Guide - Ebisu Vault, Insurrection Prime - Destiny 2

Scourge of the Past is the new raid in Destiny 2. It was released in the Black Armory update, and it takes place in the Last City, in the European Dead Zone. There’s no official minimum level, but the recommended power level for this activity is 640. Our Destiny 2 Scourge of the Past raid guide will show you how to beat the bosses, how to solve puzzles, where to find the hidden chests and which rewards to expect once you’ve finished it.

destiny 2 scourge of the past raid
Destiny 2 Scourge of The Past Raid

If you’re interested in the loot, you should check out our Scourge of The Past rewards guide – where we talk about the weapons and armor you can get from the raid.

How to reach the Vault of Ebisu

When you get to the first area, you’ll quickly notice a bunch of ether shields covering holes in the ground, with arc charge receptacles next to them.

Go up to the roofs and look for a boss called Berserker, Kell’s Scourge. One of you will have to approach him so he does an attack a his immunity wears off. When you defeat him, he’ll drop a radiant battery. Take the battery to the top of the highest building in the area and put it in the receptacle.

This will spawn a map next to it. The green markers are orb receptacles, the yellow marks are guardians. One player will have to stay by the map all the time and coordinate the rest. You’ll also notice a timer on one of the pillars by the map. Every time you get a charge into the receptacle that opened the map (the one with five dots), the timer will recharge.

When you kill the next Berserker (look for the red mark on the map, with a glowing orb above it), you’ll get two more batteries. They’ll have a debuff with a timer – if it gets to zero, you’ll die. The coordinator will notice the player who picked up the orb has a new symbol on their map marker. You’ll need to match this with the gate – the player with two dots will place an orb into the gate with the two dots. If you get two orbs, make sure to call out who picked which, so the coordinator can tell you where to go.

Sometimes a servitor boss will spawn by the map, jamming the signal. You’ll have to kill him for the map to reappear. Also, every time you use a charge, you’ll get the Ionized debuff, which will stop you from picking up orbs for a while, so you’ll have to rotate. After you’ve activated all four, the ether gates will go down, allowing you to proceed.

Black Armory Vault Sewer Maze

Once you’re in the maze under the city, turn on the lights to know where you’ve already been. You can either split up or go as a team, but you’ll have to cover a bunch of ground before you find the exit. Make sure to explore the caves behind the wall panels.

Sparrow Race – Giant Servitor Chase

When you jump down to the bottom of the hole, you’ll have to melee hit two panels at the same time to open a big door. Once they’re open, a giant flaming servitor will start chasing you. Jump on your sparrows and run in the opposite direction. It’s an obstacle course, so you’ll have to mind your driving. During your high powered chase, you’ll have to punch another pair of panels to open a door.

Cave Maze

After you’ve escaped the servitor, go into the first big sewer pipe on the right. This will lead you to a platform under the hole in the ceiling. Follow that route until you reach the city ruins.

How to kill Inssurection Prime, Kell’s Scourge?

When you kill the servitor mini boss, the electric fences will open up and let you enter the underground tunnels. Three players should go down into the cave, while the rest stay topside. You’ll find three generators which will show different symbols when you approach them. One player should commit to each symbol – cube, sphere and pyramid. There will only be two per round, though – the third generator will emit a scrambled symbol you should avoid.

When you hit the symbol, you’ll get a buff. Once you’ve acquired the first wave of buffs, the electric fences will reappear. The topside players should kill the new servitor, which will reset the generators. Each buffed player should stack two buffs of the same kind, then get out. Make sure you’re running in the same direction, as you’ll damage each other when you meet.

Once all three players have x2 buffs, go topside and head for the plates with the receptacles in the outer circle. Use them all at the same time and you’ll get three tanks. Drive around the outer circle (in the same direction), avoiding the airstrikes and shooting the machine in the middle. If you don’t manage to take at least 1/4th of the boss’ health, it’ll wipe you. Repeat three to four times and the boss’ll die.

Insurrection Prime Phase 2

Inssurection Prime Scourge of The Past Raid Destiny 2

After you’ve destroyed the machine, a Berserker will appear on the field. Kill him and you’ll get an orb. Take it to where you entered the zone and insert it into the receptacle. You’ll get a map like the one from the start of the raid and a giant robot will appear.

Inssurection Prime map

Do the same jig – kill berserkers, take orbs where the coordinator tells you and place them in the receptacles there. You will, however, have to take the boss’ shield down first. You do that by destroying white weak spots on his body. There are some on his shoulders, knee caps, sides and back. Have the map reading people destroy weak spots while others go fill the receptables with orbs. You’ll need to fill several receptacles before they’re full. When one of them fills up, the boss will collapse and reveal a servitor in its belly. You’ll also get a tank. Everyone shoot the servitor to do damage.

Inssurection Prime weak spot servitor Destiny 2

Have two people watching the boss at all times – when he starts levitating, shoot the thrusters on his back. These are the same weak spots for taking his shield down. If you don’t, he’ll stomp the arena and wipe you. Do this several times and you should down the boss and finish the raid.

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