Destiny 2 Scouting Patrol - How to make your guardian glow

Scout Commander buff is a cool thing you can get in the Farm – new social space of Destiny 2. It gives you a neat glowing visual effect while at the Farm, but more importantly it makes you run faster and jump much higher. You can get it fairly early on, when you first visit the Farm. You’ll have to complete a list of chores before you unlock it, but having a glowing guardian is worth it. This article will help you get the Destiny 2 Scout Commander Buff by showing you where to start the Scouting Patrol and how to even be able to attempt it.

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How to get Sentry 4 to start Scouting patrol and make you glow?

In order to make your guardian glow in the Farm social space, you’ll need this specific buff called Sentry. To get it, you’ll have to complete a couple of activities. Here’s what they are:

  • Climb onto the watermill wheel – the one attached to the cryptarch’s cottage – and run on top of it for a while. You’ll get the wheel boost and 2x sentry ranks buffs.
  • Walk along the cables that connect the buildings at the Farm (you’ll need to walk across both cable lines in order for it to register – walk from the Watermill to the farmhouse and from the farmhouse to the barn). You’ll get another 2x sentry ranks and vertigo buff.
  • Now that you have Sentry 4x and can run faster and jump higher go to the fire pit next to the docks and interact with it to start the scouting patrol. You’ll have to pass through checkpoints (giant beams of light) as they appear. Some of them are hard to spot, since they’re the same color as the sky. Don’t worry, though, there’s quite a lot of time to pass through them.

Where are the glowing pillars in Scouting Patrol?

There are 10 checkpoints you need to go through in the scouting patrol and they are scattered all around the Farm. I had particular trouble finding the third node and the eight one. Gallery bellow shows locations of all the glowing nodes in the Scouting Patrol on the Farm. They do disappear if you do not manage to find one in time, but you can always restart the patrol and make the attempt again. The game registers the time it took you to go through all of them and I bet there will be some competitions to see which guardian completed the scouting patrol the fastest.

Once you’ve completed them all, you’ll get a temporary buff that lasts until you leave the farm or die. It will increase your running speed and jumping height, allowing you to explore the social hub more efficiently.

destiny 2 scout commander buff
Destiny 2 Scout Commander Buff

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  1. D

    So what do I do now that I have it? Is there a special place you can only get to with this buff?

    1. L

      You can jump on some hard to approach places, and eventually scan some objects.

  2. A

    That isn’t the only way, there’s also a platforming challenge that does it. Also, I ran through someone who was glowing and got the commanders blessing, with the jumping and running buff, but only glow slightly while moving. It makes it way easier to platform around the farm though.

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