Destiny 2 Tower Scannable Objects Locations

Destiny 2 Tower scannable lore objects locations guide shows you where to find all of them. These twenty-two lore objects are hidden throughout all three Tower areas: Courtyard, Hangar and Bazaar. These scannable lore items are off the beaten path, and will require you to do a little snooping and platforming. We’re going to list all Tower scannable objects locations in Destiny 2, where to find them and how to approach them.

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Destiny 2 Tower Scannable Objects Locations Whereabouts
Destiny 2 Tower Scannable Objects Locations

Courtyard Scannable Objects

This is the landing zone, and the first location where you find yourself on the Tower. There are six hidden scannable objects scattered around this part of the map.

  1. Once you land in the Courtyard, turn back and turn to your left. Look for it just below the platform and the droid.
  2. From the courtyard landing zone, head west. Jump on the air condition ducts and make your way down to the small platform close to the red tarp.
  3. In the southwestern part of the Courtyard, go down the stairs and enter a small storage area to your left.
  4. Just east from the previous one, look down to find a gap from the edge, and you’ll see some yellow metal bars, and the scannable item.
  5. This one is located deeper into the Courtyard from the landing zone. Keep to your left and go to the upper deck. You’ll find it in a short maintenance walkway, close to the reddish cistern.
  6. The next scannable item is on the top of an air condition duct, between the Courtyard and Hangar. From the upper deck, jump over the metal fence towarda the group of boxes on top of this air condition duct.

Hangar Hidden Lore Items

The Hangar is located left from the landing zone. There are seven hidden items you can scan for additional lore.

  1. As you get to this area from the central part, find a group of robots just behind a desk.
  2. In the Hangar’s southwestern part, next to the ship and the red crane on top of the stack of crates.
  3. Southeastern part of the Hangar, where the big ship landing entrance is located, on top of the red metal crane.
  4. North from the previous one, on the side of a hydraulic pillar that carries a yellow gantry.
  5. In the central part, use the stairs the get to the first floor, and jump over the metal fence and towards the white pipe with the hidden object on it.
  6. In the northern part, on top of the small yellow metal crate that holds missiles.
  7. In the northwestern part of the Hangar, on the upper platform, in the corner close to the stairs.

Bazaar Lore Objects Location

There are nine scannable objects in the Bazaar. You’ll get here if you go west from the landing zone. These ones are extremely better hidden than the rest of the Tower lore items.

  1. On your approach to the the central part of Bazaar, look for a long silver pipe. Next to it is a grey metal bar with some small crates. This is where you have to jump on.
  2. Further into the Bazaar, look for an open window with a cat on it. Go to it, and you’ll find the next scannable lore object.
  3. In the market place, just before you reach the outside area, find a box with a lore item on it.
  4. In the northern part of the Bazaar, close to the blue canopy, at the end of a narrow passage, you’ll find a blue crate of electronics.
  5. Next to the previous one, find a gate that you can crouch under. The scannable object is in a corner of the room after that.
  6. From the central lower section of the Bazaar, look northwest. You’ll spot a grey air condition duct, close to the yellow tarp, and above the red shade cloths. To claim this hidden lore object, you’ll need to climb on it, and reach the corner of this duct.
  7. In the northwesternmost part of the Bazaar, on a higher level, on top of the desk with candlelight of a small balcony.
  8. On the upper level of western Bazaar, find a desk close to the red carpet and a blue sofa.
  9. In the southeasternmost area, hidden on top of some containers. Just don’t jump over the railings.

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