Destiny 2 Sparrows - How to Get Them

Destiny 2 sparrows are modes of transportation on a planet. Like before, they’re little hover bikes that you can use to travel around quickly. There are several methods to unlock Destiny 2 sparrows, and it can be a long way, depending on your luck. It can get frustrating, especially if you team up with Guardians that already have a sparrow. We hope we can help you by explaining how to get sparrows in Destiny 2, which is why we’ve written this guide.

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Destiny 2 Sparrows - How to Get Them
Destiny 2 Sparrows – How to Get Them

How to Unlock Sparrows in Destiny 2?

You can get Destiny 2 sparrows by finishing the story mode, finding them in a specific type of engram, or buying them from a vendor which you have to unlock. The easiest way is to complete the Destiny 2 campaign. Yes, this does mean that you’ll have to hoof it through the entire campaign. Look on the bright side, though, you’ll be able to enjoy all the beautiful surroundings and perhaps pick up on some secrets that you might have missed otherwise. Not much of a silver lining if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, but hey. It’s not like the game gives you a choice, so might as well stop and smell the roses.

Do Sparrows Come in Destiny 2 Bright Engrams?

Yes, they do. It appears that’s the only type of Engram you can find them in. Bright Engrams are a new thing in Destiny 2, and there’s several ways to get them. You’ll get a couple of them as you make your way through the campaign. To really start farming them, though, grind your way to level 20. That’s the max level, but you’ll keep earning XP. Every time you earn a level above 20, you’ll get a Bright Engram instead. It’ll be quick work three times; after that, you’ll have to grind for longer. Obviously, you can just reach for your wallet and buy them with real money, if you don’t want to farm XP. When you get your hands on a Bright Engram, you need to take it to Tess Everis for decryption. May the gods of RNG favor you.

Can You Buy Destiny 2 Sparrows from Vendors?

Yes, you can, but it’ll be a while until you get there. The only vendor that sells Sparrows is Amanda Holiday, and you need to be level 20 to unlock her. Basically, once you reach level 20, there are two avenues you can take to unlock Destiny 2 Sparrows. You can either grind out money to buy them from Amanda, or farm Bright Engrams. Either way, you’ll have to work for them.

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