Destiny 2 Subclasses Revealead - Sentinel, Arcstrider, Dawnblade

During the gameplay reveal last night, Bungie have revealed the names and super abilities of the three new Destiny 2 subclasses. Titans will be able to specialize as Sentinels, Hunters will be able to train as Arcstriders, while Warlocks will be getting a subclass called Dawnblade. We’ve seen their supers in action, but there isn’t much info floating around. We’ve compiled everything we know about them below.

destiny 2 subclasses revealed sentinel dawnblade arcstrider
Destiny 2 subclasses

Destiny 2 Sentinel – Titan subclass

destiny 2 sentinel titan subclass

The Sentinel is the new Titan subclass. The specialization is based on Void damage, and its super includes a glowing shield you can throw. So it’s like a space version of Captain America. A promotional screenshot shows the Sentinel using the shield as a… well, shield, to block incoming damage. The super summons a shield in your left hand, but leaves you without a weapon. With the shield, you can perform a slide and hit attack, which does devastating damage to a single target. The ranged attack allows you to throw the shield, hiting multiple targets. You don’t lose your shiled during the ranged attack – you don’t need to wait for it to disappear or come back, because it won’t.

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Destiny 2 Arcstrider – Hunter subclass

destiny 2 arcstrider hunter subclass

The new hunter subclass is called Arcstrider. It focuses on doing Arc damage with an electric staff. Once you activate the super, it summons the aforementioned staff. It has a swirling attack that does AoE damage. Think of it as a Bladedancer, but with a staff. A Staffdancer.

Destiny 2 Dawnblade – Warlock subclass

destiny 2 dawnblade warlock subclass

The Dawnblade is the Warlock’s new subclass. What we’ve seen suggests they’re armed with a flaming sword and equipped with a pair of flaming wings. Their super involves jumping high up into the air, and smashing the ground with the fiery blade for area-of-effect damage. While hovering in the air with it, you can send waves of energy toward your targets, doing AoE damage on impact. These ranged attacks use up the super bar, while the ground strike doesn’t.

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