Destiny 2 Terminal Overload Explained

Not sure how to start Terminal Overload in Destiny 2 Lightfall? The 2023 Destiny 2 expansion is finally here, and with it, Destiny 2’s 20th season – Season of Defiance – kicks off! One of the new squad activities in Destiny 2 is called “Terminal Overload”. Here’s a detailed overview of how it works.

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Destiny 2 Terminal Overload Explained

How to Start Terminal Overload in Destiny 2 Lightfall

To start this brand new Destiny 2 Lightfall six-player activity, you’ll need to descend to Neomuna, Neptune’s shiny neon-noir capital city. Once there, you’ll need to reach the Zephyr Concourse, one of the new zones in Neomuna. Finally, you’ll need to find a Psion. This particular Psion is relatively easy to spot, as it will be shining with a golden/yellowish aura around them.

Once you find them, you’ll immediately spot three tiny shards of Darkness surrounding the Psion. And to start the activity, you’ll need to destroy these three fragments. Once you eliminate the fragments of Darkness, the Terminal Overload will kick off. However, keep in mind that this requires quite a high power level to access it. The advised power level for Terminal Overload activity is 1810. Hence, before starting it, you will first need to complete a big chunk of Destiny 2 Lightfall’s campaign. Or else, you will simply not be able to do any meaningful damage to the enemies.

How to Complete Terminal Overload in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Terminal Overload consists of several phases you’ll need to complete. We’ve already mentioned the first one, where you’ll need to destroy the three fragments. When the activity starts, you’ll be attacked by two waves of regular enemies, with which you’ll have to deal. These two groups are the first two stages of the activity.

The real deal starts in the third stage of the battle. That’s when the boss fight ensues. The pattern of this boss battle is pretty standard for a boss fight. You will be able to damage the boss during the three damage phases. When you deal enough damage, the boss will shield itself in a protective aura. During this phase, you’ll need to beat a set of three fragments of darkness in order for the boss to leave their protective stasis. Rinse and repeat.

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