Destiny 2 Titan Lost Sector Locations

Titan Lost Sectors are activities in Destiny 2. They’re mini-dungeons on the oceanic planet – completing them involves finding the entrance, dealing with the enemy forces inside, killing a mini-boss and using a key he drops to open a special cache. The loot chest at the end of a Lost Sector on Titan contains valuable items like gear and Arcology Tokens. There are only three of them, but they can be hard to find. That’s why we’ve decided to write a guide with all Destiny 2 Titan Lost Sector locations.

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destiny 2 titan lost sector locations
Destiny 2 Titan Lost Sector Locations

Where to find Lost Sectors on Titan?

One of them is at Siren’s Watch, while the other two are at The Rig. Here’s how to find all of them:

  1. Methane Flush – It’s near the landing zone at Siren’s Watch. Look for the mark on the lowest level of the platform. When you’ve found it, stand in front of it, then head around the corner to your right. Follow the walkway to the door, then go inside and descend.
  2. Cargo Bay 3 – In the north part of The Rig, under Bay 3. Go to the railing on the north side, jump over it and land on the walkway below. Look for the mark on the wall – it’s near the hole in the walkway. Enter the room next to it and follow the path to the sector.
  3. DS Quarters-2 – Near the container platform at The Rig. Head towards Bay 3, then jump down to the right once you’re past the steps. Walk through the door leading into the bay, then turn right. You’ll see the mark on the wall. Simply follow the corridors.

The chests inside will give you decent gear only the first time you visit them, but they’ll keep producing tokens as long as you have the patience to farm them. You can then give those tokens to Sloan in exchange for engrams.

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