Destiny 2 Giant Ball Easter Egg Discovered at The Tower

If you’ve explored the Tower in Destiny 2, you might have noticed our old pal, the purple ball. What you probably haven’t noticed is that you can kick it around the hub to make it grow bigger. There are several specific places you need to kick it to, each of which will inflate it a little. When you finish the process, you’ll end up with a giant ball that looks like the Traveler. It’s a neat little easter egg – there’s no purpose to it, but no Guardian could resist kicking it at least once.

destiny 2 giant ball easter egg
Destiny 2 Giant Ball Easter Egg Discovered at The Tower

Grow Purple Ball Easter Egg

The ball can be found on some crates above the landing zone. Here’s how to inflate it:

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  1. You’ll first need to kick it to the balcony above Shaxx. It’ll disappear, and you’ll find it back at its original spot, green and a little bigger.
  2. Kick the green ball to the little stairwell near the Eververse shop. It’ll turn black.
  3. This part is tricky: you have to get the black ball to the platform above the starting position, under the giant red flag. It’ll turn blue when you do.
  4. The blue ball needs to end up on the walkway that connects Shaxx’ place with Zavala’s lookout. The next time it reappears, it’s going to be huge, gray and painted like the Traveler.

Keep in mind that other guardians might want to hinder your efforts. Luckily, when the ball ends up in the abyss, it’ll respawn in the form it had before the fall. You won’t have to repeat the whole process from the beginning. The ball doesn’t seem to have a purpose, except for being a whole lot of fun. It’s a baby Traveler. A baby Traveler you can kick around and throw off a cliff. You monster.

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