Destiny 2 Ventilator, Conduit, Pipeline Chest & Key Locations

Pipeline, conduit and ventilator chests are secret loot caches in Destiny 2 Leviathan raid. They’re hidden in a maze under the city in which the raid takes place. In order to open them, you’ll need specific keys. These are obtained by completing the trials Calus sets for you. You’ll also need to find them in the labyrinth. This latter problem is what we’ll address in our Destiny 2 ventilator, conduit & pipeline chest locations guide.

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destiny 2 ventilator conduit pipeline chest
Destiny 2 Ventilator, Conduit, Pipeline Chest & Key Locations

Ventilator Chest Location

In order to get any of the chests, you’ll first have to pull the levers in a secret room, to unlock the maze. Once that is done, go into the tunnel and jump along the platforms until you reach the large shaft. Use the nearby console to activate the fan and get up. Go down the long corridor, up the ramp. Pull the lever to open the door, and ignore the enemies inside. Run to the far right, through the door, then jump onto the walkway. Follow the wall into the long hall. Turn right and go up the ramp, and through the large room with the pipes.

Jump down the shaft, then hug the left wall until you reach another. Jump down that one as well, and you’ll end up in a tunnel with giant fans. Run up to the fan’s console to disable it – you can use the concrete blocks along the way as support. Simply stand between them and the fan, and they’ll stop you from being blown away. After the second fan, climb up to the ledge on the left. You’ll find the ventilator chest in the room.

Conduit Chest Location

Once you’re in the room before Calus’ arena, go into the tunnel on the right. Jump up and look to your left. You’ll see a platform with blue screen – climb there. Jump across the ominous mist – use the glowing platforms. Follow the corridor down and jump down the shaft. You’ll end up in a room with watchers again. The chest is in a room you can reach by simply hugging the left wall from your drop point, but you’ll have to deal with the robots first. Kill them quickly, so that they can’t sound the alarm, or the golden door won’t open.

Pipeline Chest Location

Go back to Calus’ foyer (the room with the purple gunk all over), then head into the corridor on the left. Once you’re at the shaft, turn right into another corridor. Pull the lever, and deal with the watchers quickly – you need the golden door open. Go back to the entrance, then jump over the railing. Once you land, turn around and you should see the chest.

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