Destiny 2 Gauntlet Trial Leviathan Raid

Destiny 2 Gauntlet – Prove Your Worth is the final trial in Leviathan Raid before the Emperor Calum Boss. It’s probably the most difficult of the trials. It demands laser-sharp focus, speed, and cooperation. The team will have to operate like clockwork, especially in the final section. If you’re struggling, then our guide on how to beat Gauntlet Trial in Leviathan raid is the place for you. Having trouble with some other part? We’ve got you covered with our Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Guide.

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Destiny 2 Gauntlet Trial Leviathan Raid
Destiny 2 Gauntlet Trial Leviathan Raid

How to Complete Gauntlet Trial in Leviathan Raid – Prove Your Worth

The first step to completing the Gauntlet trial is to divide your fireteam into two Runners and four Shooters. Around the room, you’ll see four panels. Two of them, Chalice and Beast (or Dog, if you prefer), also have teleports. Psionic Charges will appear there, but one step at the time.

The first step is for the Shooters to stand on one panel each. All six Guardians should keep killing enemies until the Psionic Charges appear. The Runners then hurry over, each one picks up his own, and they’ll end up in the outer ring. Now, the Runners have to complete a lap through the obstacle course. They’ll run into gates, made up from nine round holes, at which they’ll have to pick up orbs.

The orb will appear in the red-marked hoop. The runner must call out the location of the red hoop – top, middle, or bottom. The Shooters must then shoot the two arrows that weren’t called. If the Runner calls out top, you shoot middle and bottom. Also, the Shooters have to deal with the Councilors that show up; they need to be killed fast. Once the Runners complete a lap, they’ll be transported back into the inner area. Run to the middle and drop the orbs you’re carrying into the basin. You need six orbs in order to continue, so you’ll have to run the obstacle course again. The process will get harder every next time, so stay on your toes.

Once the basin is full, everybody runs to the middle, gets charged, and all six of you have to run the Gauntlet. Now, every gate will have four orbs, and you have to grab them in order to survive the lap. You can miss one if you’re fast enough, but not two. So,, make sure you communicate with each other and swap out so that everyone stays alive. Though, to be fair, it seems it’s enough for three to make it to the end. When you’re done, everyone has to run back to the center. That’s the end of Leviathan Raid – The Gauntlet.

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