Destiny 2 Video Setting Reset After Update Error

Destiny 2 has been updated to version 2.7.0, bringing the Season of Dawn back into the game. Since it was a pretty hefty update – around 4 GB on PC – it was bound to break something. The new issues currently plaguing the game will no doubt be fixed in the following days, but until then, there may be something you can do about them yourself. This guide is going to show you a list of errors and problems like the Destiny 2 video settings reset after update, how to avoid or fix them if possible.

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destiny 2 video settings reset after update error
Destiny 2 Video Setting Reset After Update Error

Settings messed up after update

A number of players have been complaining about settings being reset after they installed the update. For some, they don’t even reset to the default values – one player reported not being able to play anymore, because the game set all the graphical settings to maximum, which their PC couldn’t pull off. Changing the settings manually results in the game asking you to restart it, which is when it resets the settings again.

If your only issues is with the borderless window, you can try cycling through display modes with Alt+Enter. If fiddling with the settings one by one doesn’t help, you could try verifying the game’s files. Other than that, there’s no solution we know of.

Sundial packages corrupted

We’ve also heard of people getting a message saying one of the sundial packages was corrupted during installation. It starts verifying the installation automatically, then throws up the message again. The loop doesn’t end – the only thing you could try here is restarting your PC or reinstalling the game, but there’s no guarantee those will work.

We’ll keep monitoring the situation, and we’ll update this guide with any pertinent info as soon as we find it, so check back from time to time.

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