Destiny 2 Volundr Forge Location - Hammerhead Machine Gun

Volundr Forge is an activity in Destiny 2. It’s the first forge from the Black Armory update, and a lot of players are wondering where to find it and how to complete the activity. It’s clearly above everyone’s power level, but some have managed to push through it nontheless. This guide will show you everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Volundr Forge, and how to get the Hammerhead legendary machine gun.

destiny 2 volundr forge
Destiny 2 Volundr Forge Location – Hammehead Machine Gun

Where to find Volundr Forge?

The Volundr Forge is in the EDZ, and the game should mark the exact location on your map once you need to go there. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. We’ll show you the way. Teleport to the Sunken Isles landing spot and head down the road. On your left, you’ll notice a giant tunnel entrance. Follow it to the big chamber, then head right and through the small door. Follow the other tunnel until you reach a cliff. You’ll see the forge on the other side of the chasm.

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How to complete Volundr Forge?

Once you get to the forge, approach the furnace and interact with it to start the event. When it starts, you’ll get an objective to charge the forge with 20 radiant batteries. A timer will appear with only one minute on it, but it’ll give you another 10 seconds every time you throw a radiant battery into the furnace.

destiny 2 how to complete volundr forge

Keep your eyes peeled for enemies with a blue glow, like the Phased Gladiator in the image above. Each one you kill will drop a radiant battery, which is a regular orb. This means you’ll need to focus your fire on them as soon as they appear, then quickly pick up the orb and place it in the forge when you kill them.

Hammerhead legendary machine gun

Once you’ve completed the event, you’ll get the Hammerhead legendary machine gun. It’s a decent weapon, but it comes with random perks, so you might end up with a lousy hand. However, what’s important here is what happens when you aim down sights. The Hammerhead’s scope reveals hidden symbols across the world, and it’s still a mystery to all. Since one of the symbols that appears is a hand, it might tie into the Mysterious Box exotic quest.

destiny 2 hammerhead legendary weapon

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    Sorry but this is straight up wrong! The batteries do NOT add 10s to the timer just by throwing them at the forge. It appears to be random but most of the times it gives no time at all or just very little

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