Destiny 2 Mysterious Box Exotic Quest - Fishhook, Butterfly, Hand Lock

Mysterious box is a hidden item in Destiny 2. It’s part of the Black Armory update, and it’s hiddin near the first forge, the one in the European Dead Zone. Once you pick it up, you’ll start an exotic quest. The first step requires you to open four locks, marked with symbols of a butterfly, a hand, a fishhook and the Black Armory. If you’re wondering how to start this quest, or how to finish it, keep reading our Destiny 2 Mysterious Box exotic quest guide.

destiny 2 mysterious box exotic quest
Destiny 2 Mysterious Box Exotic Quest – Fishhook, Butterfly, Hand Lock

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it as we discover more about the intricacies of the new exotic quest.

Where to find Mysterious Box?

In order to get the box, you’ll need to get to the Volundr Forge. Land at the Sunken Isles landing point on EDZ, then head into the tunnel. Follow the tunnels until you enter Smidur’s Cavern. Stand on the ledge and look towards the forge, then turn the camera down and to the left. You’ll see a ledge on your side of the chasm. Drop down and enter the tight tunnel. You’ll find a Black Armory chest at the end – looting it will give you the mysterious box.

How to open fishhook lock on Mysterious Box?

According to a poster on r/raidsecrets, in order to open this lock, you’ll have to complete the Volundr Forge. But, you’ll also have to kill two specific enemies during the activity in order to spawn the Black Armory chest with the key. You should be on the lookout for a couple of shield drones that spawn at the beginning of the second round. Kill them, and you’ll get the key after you complete the forge.

How to open hand lock?

The key for the hand lock is opened by doing some specific stuff in the Gofannon forge. You’ll need to start the activity and look for two specific enemies. When you defeat them, a chest will spawn after the activity, and you’ll find the hand lock key in it. If you need more details on where to find the drones and when they spawn, check out our hand lock guide.

How to open butterfly, and Black Armory locks?

This is the tricky part. As far as we know, nobody has managed to crack this one yet. The description says the box has four locks, and you’ll have to do something to open each one. There are theories that at least one of them is unlocked by investigating all the new items with the Black Armory insignia that appeared across EDZ, but it hasn’t been confirmed. It’s more likely it has to do with killing certain enemies in a certain way, as almost everything in this game does. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. A
    ashley haddon

    Found the symbol of a hand and a butterfly in tge forgw loading screen.. its a hand > butterfly

    1. C

      Anyone tried using the fishing emote on the fish hook box?

  2. D

    There is a shining butterfly in one of the lost sectors at Dreaming city but idk if that could have anything to do with the lock. Its shining while its flying by one of the rocks and it disappears after a surtain amount of time but im not sure if that is the right thing.

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