Destiny 2 Wait For It Challenge - Vault of Glass

The Wait For It challenge in Destiny 2 is a weekly challenge that you can complete in the Vault of Glass. There are two potential problems you can run into here. The first one is figuring out how to do the Wait For It Vault of Glass challenge in the first place. Once you do know that, however, there’s still the issue of actually executing it all efficiently. With all that said, in our Destiny 2 Wait For It Challenge – Vault of Glass guide, we’ll show you how to complete the challenge, along with some tips on how to do it more easily.

destiny 2 wait for it challenge vault of glass
Destiny 2 Wait For It Challenge – Vault of Glass

How to Complete Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Wait For It Challenge

To complete the Vault of Glass Wait For it challenge in Destiny 2, you have to kill the yellow bar Sacrificial Wyverns when they start sacrificing themselves to the confluxes. This completely changes the way in which you’d normally play this encounter. Usually, you’d want to melt the Wyverns away as soon as they spawn, since they can cause all sorts of mayhem. However, if you want to complete the challenge, you’ll have to let them approach the conflux all the way, and wait to see the red glow. As soon as you do, unleash everything you’ve got, because you have mere seconds before the process is complete.

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Now, you can chip away a portion of the Wyverns’ health before they reach the conflux to make things easier when they reach the confluxes. However, you have to be very careful to not kill them accidentally before they get there; if you do, you’ll fail the Destiny 2 Wait For It Vault of Glass challenge. Also, be careful how you position yourself at all times, because the Wyverns hit really, really hard.

So, once more from the top. Wait for the Wyverns to reach the conflux and you see a red glow. At that point, start shooting them and make it count, since you only have a few seconds. Titans with Thrundercrash and the Cuirass of the Falling Star are gonna be very useful here, as will Warlocks with Chaos Reach and Geomag Stabilizers. Using grenade launchers to trigger the Breach and Clear mod debuff is a good idea. Other than that, just focus on burst damage. You can damage the Wyverns beforehand, but don’t go overboard lest you kill them early by accident.

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