Warded By Wormhost Chest - Worm Locations in Dreaming City in Destiny 2

Warded by Wormhost is a special chest in Destiny 2. You’ll find it in the Dreaming City, in the Garden of Esila. It’s a hive chest, and the first time you encounter it, you probably won’t know what to do with it and how to unlock it. This guide is going to help you open the Destiny 2 Warded by Wormhost chest and show you the worm locations.

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destiny 2 warded by wormhost worm locations dreaming city
Destiny 2 Wormhost Chest – Worm Locations in Dreaming City

Wormhost Chest Location

The chest is next to the waterfall near the portal. If you enter by following the tunnel from the Strand, it will be on your right shorty after you enter the area. The chest is on the lower level of the waterfall fountain, all the way to the left. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to find and destroy 10 worms hidden around the garden.

Where to find worms in Garden?

The worms are scattered around the garden – they’re small, greenish things that writhe and squish. They spawn semi-randomly, but we’re going to show you where we found them. The first one is to the left after you enter the tunnel from The Strand, in the flower bed to the left of the big door. The second one is on the top of a spire south of the garden.

The next one is at the garden’s gates, at first bend after the tunnel. It’s in the flower bed surrounding the right column. There’s also one under the waterfall behind the chest itself. Jump behind the rocks, directly under the waterfall, and look in the water for it.

There’s also one on the rock below the end of the bridge where the giant tree is. After that, you look for one on a tree next to the cliff in the western part of the garden.

The seventh one was in the part of the garden with the dried-up trees. It was on the top branch of one of them. The next one is behind the giant tree at the end of the bridge.

We were also able to find one west of the tree at the end of the bridge, on a ledge of a big rock outcrop. The last one appearead on the cliff in the south, near the tunnel from the Strand.

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    I will say this, there is definitely a lot more locations than just these few. I’ve left/returned to the garden several times, only to find several more locations that were not listed here. I may have missed a few but this is what I can remember on the spot that is not listed above.
    1. Right next to the portal
    2. Below the hill with the tiny cat statue
    3. On the ground next to one of the larger rocks, east of the bridge
    4. Between the seats on the west end of the garden
    5. (Can’t quite remember but somewhere in a grass patch on the south end)
    6. On the orb of the north-most statue of the mother, east of the bridge
    7. South end of the north section, in the water right by the cliff
    8. East side of the north end of the bridge(right next to the stairs)

  2. R

    I have killed 11 of these worms and still cannot open the chest. Is there a time limit? Does it reset if you die? I guess I missed something that’s required.

    1. R

      Yes I finally opened the chest. Ten worms have to be killed before the respawn in order to open it. All I got was glimmer and a blue cloak. Nothing special.

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