Destiny 2 Warmind Errors & Problems - Family Sharing, DLC Not Starting

Destiny 2 Warmind, the new expansion for the popular shooter, has been released. It adds a host of new activities, like story missions, strikes and events, as well as new gear and weapons. Sadly, it also brings with it its own bundle of issues. There are errors that are stopping players from playing the game, problems in missions and other kinds of mishappenings. Some of them can be fixed, while others will require the developers’ attention. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all Destiny 2 Warmind errors & problems.

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destiny 2 warmind errors problems
Destiny 2 Warmind Errors & Problems

Warmind family sharing not working

Several Xbox users have reported not being able to access the DLC via family sharing. Even though the base games (as well as the Curse of Osiris DLC) allowed for such convenience, the secondary accounts are having trouble starting Warmind. Instead, they get a message telling them they need to buy it. It’s probably an oversight, but there’s no way around it yet.

Warmind won’t start, Mars not appearing in directory

A lot of players have been complaining about not being able to start the DLC, but instead only having the option to purchase it. If you have the DLC, and Mars isn’t appearing as a destination in the directory, it might stem from game sharing. If it is, there’s nothing you can do about it, apart from waiting for a fix. If you’re on Xbox, select the game and choose the Manage Game option. If it lists anything as an eligible download, grab it.

Cannot access Warmind on PS4

There have been reports of people not being able to start the DLC on Playstation consoles. If you’re troubled by this, restoring the licences should help. Also, make sure the console you’re trying to run the game on is the primary one for the account in question.

Destiny 2 Warmind known issues

These all come from a post on Bungie’s site. They’re aware of them, and are investigating as we speak. Which means you’ll have to sit tight and wait. The list includes the following:

Emissary Spire Quest not granting rewards
Eater of Worlds By The Light challenge not be incrementing as expected
Echo Mesa Taken Resurgence emblem variant stops you from choosing a different variant
Knight’s Peace ghost shell not taking shaders properly, resulting in graphical glitches
Warmind Exotic Armor tooltips showing up in the wrong color
Using Traditional Chinese UI results in long UI load times
Masterwork weapon stats not getting boosted when they should
Daily milestones glitching out when Mercury is the subject of the Flashpoint activity
Masterwork Swords not having the rework weapon option

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  1. L
    Louis workman

    Completed first mission on warmind expansion campaign and no other mission or direction is given on continuing the campaign

  2. D

    For the Destiny 2 DLC not working with family sharing do the following. (I have the media dvd, XB1 and I DLC was purchased on the Xbox Store)
    1. Switch to the affected account, or an account that is not the primary account under which the DLC was purchased. Launch Destiny 2
    2. Using your primary account, sign into, visit Payment and Billing section and find your DLC under Order History
    3. When you view your DLC, you should see “You own this product”. Click on the “Install on Xbox One”
    4. Still under the affected account, visit the Xbox settings and go to where you manage your games.
    5. If this worked you should have pending downloads. Kick it off and you should be able to use it.
    I literally stumbled on this after reading article related to family sharing. Hope this helps someone

    1. B
      Bob Ross Fro

      Thank you Domingo, that worked to get Warmind to show up on our family sharing xbox.

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