Wayward Chest Arc Charge Locations - Destiny 2 Dreaming City

Wayward chests are loot containers in Destiny 2 Forsaken. It’s a secret chest you can find in the Dreaming City, and there seems to be one in each major area. When you encounter it, you’ll discover it’s locked by magic – the description says that “wayward magicks numbered three guard a lock without a key”. If you have trouble finding or opening these chests, our Destiny 2 wayward chest arc charge locations guide will help you.

destiny 2 wayward chest arc charge locations dreaming city
Destiny 2 Wayward Chest Arc Charge Locations

Wayward magicks numbered three guard a lock without a key

In order to open a wayward chest, you’ll need to find three arc charges before the time runs out, bring them back and slot them around it. The orbs are always nearby, but they’re somewhat hidden. You’ll need to know all three locations by heart if you want to open it before you run out of time. If someone has already opened the chest in your instance, it won’t appear again – you’ll have to go to orbit then return if you want it.

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Divalian Mists arc charge locations

The wayward chest in Divalian Mists can be found by going towards the giant door from the landing spot, and looking at the cliff on your left. You’ll find the first charge by going up the cliff to the left. Once you reach the first proper platform, go all the way to the left and you’ll find it in a ceremonial bowl by the edge.

The second one is hidden in the cave under the platform where the big door is. From the chest, jump down and go towards the shore, keeping the door on your right. Once you’ve found the cave, just go inside and look to the left.

The final charge is on the cliff by the abyss in the northwestern corner of the area. If you stand by the chest and look at the door, make a 180 and go straight until you reach the abyss. Go right, and you’ll find it eventually.

Rheasilvia arc charge locations

The chest in Rheasilvia is on a platform near the tunnel leading to the Divalian Mists. To get the first arc charge, you should turn around and head behind the big stone. After you pass it, look into the chasm to the left. You’ll see a ledge with the orb.

To get the second orb, you just need to climb up the hill next to the chest, and you’ll see it next to the mountain. Afterwards, head right towards the tunnel that leads to the Divalian Mists. Once you’re near the end of the cliff, look right and you’ll see the third charge on the ledge.

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