Destiny 2 Where is Saint-14 - Bug Hangar Location

Saint-14 is a popular NPC in the Destiny universe. During the Season of Dawn quest, the one that involves completing sundials, you’ll get a chance to save him from certain death. After you do, Osiris will tell you to speak to him. There’s even a Dawning event quest which requires you to give him a batch of cookies. Problem is, he’s nowhere to be found. There are a lot of hints that should be pointing to his location, but the place is empty. So where is Saint-14? That’s what we’ll try to answer in our Destiny 2 Saint-14 hangar location guide.

destiny 2 saint-14 hangar location
Destiny 2 Saint-14 Hangar Location – Where is Saint

This guide is about the location of the NPC themselves. If you’re looking for their ghost, as a part of the Complete an Impossible Task quest, you should check our our Saint-14 ghost location guide.

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Where to find Saint-14 in Hangar?

As things stand right now, we have no idea. We’re just guessing he’s supposed to be in the hangar, too. We’re basing that assumption on the promotional art that showed him there, and the game’s mild hint towards his location from the gift you’re supposed to give him. There’s also the fact that several people have seen a floating shotgun on the other side of the soccer field in the hangar. Not just any shotgun, mind you – a Perfect Paradox, which is Saint’s signature weapon.

All of this leads us to believe he’s supposed to show up on the far side of the hangar, but that he’s either time-gated or bugged. Either way, we’re in for a wait. If it’s a bug, it’ll probably be fixed in a day or two. If it’s a time gate, we’re going to have to wait yet another week. However this thing ends, we’ll be able to bake a whole lot of cookies before it’s over.

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    Saint 14s shotgun is floating on his back in the hanger. However, he is not there until next TUESDAY’s reset. Time-gated events are BS bungie.

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