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In Destiny 2 Xur’s spawn locations have changed. He will not appear in social spaces anymore, like in the previous game. He should show up in the public sectors of patrol areas of explore-able planets. His spawn time has not changed and will be the same as before (weekends). He still sells exotics, albeit using a different currency called Legendary Shards. People will still gather in groups on weekends trying to hunt him down and the question remains whether Bungie plans on having helpful hints as to his whereabouts. To make your hunt for Xur easier we have created this page in hopes that it will contain all possible Xur spawn locations in Destiny 2.

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Where is Xur today – October 4th, 2019

We’ are waiting for Xur and his new inventory. He should arrive at 7PM CET, 12PM EDT. Xur is on Nessus, on the barge in Watcher’s Grave. He is selling: The Wardcliff Coil, Nezarec’s Sin, ACD/0 Feedback Fence, The Sixth Coyote, Five of Swords!

Xur Location on September 29th

You can find Xur on Io, north of the Giant’s Scar Base. He’s hiding in a cave not far from the base itself. If you’ve been to Io, you’ll know which one it is. It’s the cave with several pillars in it, where a Golden Chest can also be found. For more detailed info, check out our Destiny 2 Xur Location September 29th-October 1st Inventory & Prices article.

Where is Xur on September 22nd?

Xur is on Titan, in The Rig section of the planet. He’s in a small area, behind the circular pipe-like entrance. It’s elevated above the ground, so you’ll have to fly a bit. For more, check out or article on Xur September 22nd location, inventory, and prices.

Xur Location September 15th

Xur is on Nesuss – you’ll find him in the Watcher’s Grave area, next to the giant tree. If you want to check out his inventory, we’ve written more about Xur September 15th inventory & prices.

When will Xur Appear in Destiny 2 September 22nd?

Xur will appear in Destiny 2 on Friday, September 22nd, according to Bungie. He will hang around from September 22nd to Sunday, September 24th. During that period, you’ll be able to track him down and buy exotics from him. You can expect him to return at around 10 AM GMT (5 AM Eastern, 2 AM Pacific).

Where to find Xur in Destiny 2?

Xur in Destiny 2 will appear in Public Sectors of patrol areas in EDZ, Io, Titan, and Nessus. In Destiny 1, Xur appeared in social spaces each weekend to sell his exotic wares. In Destiny 2, the situation will be way more complicated. Now, according to a reddit leak by user NFSgaming, Xur will be spawning in different locations on four different planets, and it seems that it will be at random. The text under the leaked image of Xur reads:

Xur is a strange vendor who randomly appears in a Public Sector in each of the Four Worlds, depending on planetary alignments and Bungie’s whim.

This means that hunting Xur down might be much more difficult than in the first game. True, he’ll only pop up in public sectors of the patrol areas, but still, that’s way more variables than before. You’ll have to comb through Titan, Nessus, Io and EDZ in the hopes of exchanging your well-earned currency for those sweet exotics. And speaking of currency…

As for how many Legendary Shards you’ll need in order to purchase Exotic Armor and Weapons, we can only guess for now. It’s probably safe to assume that you’ll need about 100 or so Legendary Shards for armor and maybe some weapons. The majority of weapons, will probably be in the neighborhood of 150 Shards. Whether or not some things will cost above 200 Legendary Shards is yet unknown, but probably pretty unlikely. We’ll add more info as soon as we have it.

Destiny 2 Xur Legendary Shards Currency

Xur will demand Legendary Shards as currency in Destiny 2, not Strange Coins. In fact, we’re not sure if Strange Coins will even make it to the new Destiny. Either way, you’ll now have to collect Legendary Shards in order to buy weapons and other equipment from Xur. They can be earned from deconstructing Legendary and Exotic gear and sometimes drops from chests you get in various activities. Raid bosses and chests also have a chance of dropping them.

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