Division 2 Disrupt Propaganda Event Locations - Where to Find

Disrupt Propaganda events are side activities you can do in The Division 2. They’re a part of The Division 2 Settlement Projects, which reward you with fancy blueprints for completing them. The problem is that finding Disrupt Propaganda event locations is kinda tricky. So, where to find Disrupt Propaganda Division 2 events for Settlement Projects? Well, our Division 2 Disrupt Propaganda Event Locations – Where to Find guide aims to show you how to locate Disrupt Propaganda events, as well as how to complete them.

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Division 2 Disrupt Propaganda Event Locations - Where to Find
Division 2 Disrupt Propaganda Event Locations – Where to Find

Where to Find Disrupt Propaganda Locations for Division 2 Settlement Projects?

To find Disrupt Propaganda event locations in The Division 2, you’re going to have to visit the different question marks scattered around the map. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know what the question mark is until you come real close. When you come close, the game will let you know, and the question mark will turn into a red speaker icon on the map. To cut down on the randomness, keep this in mind: Disrupt Propaganda events only spawn on the street. So, you can safely ignore all question marks in buildings if you’re hunting for the propaganda events specifically.

In case you fail the objective, you’re gonna have to look for a different one, at a different question mark. On the other hand, you can also wait for the event to respawn. However, keep in mind that it won’t necessarily respawn at the same place. Best hit the road and see what the other question marks have to offer. At least it doesn’t matter where you clear the event for the Settlement Project, unless stated otherwise in the mission description.

How to Complete Disrupt Propaganda Division 2 Events?

To complete a Disrupt Propaganda event in The Division 2, the first step is to clear out the enemies guarding the speaker controls. Usually, the speaker controls are in the middle of the area. It looks like a grayish receiver, or what have you. After you clear out the enemies, approach it and take control of the speaker system by pressing Space on PC or whatever your console equivalent is. This will start the speaker override, and a wave of enemies are going to attack. You know what to do.

After you clear out the wave, you have to go back to the speaker controls and re-initiate the speaker override. Guess what? There’s another wave of enemies to kill. Sometimes, one of them is going to drop an access key that you’ll need to collect to restart the override yet again. You can’t miss it, because it’s a yellow pillar. After you clear out the area, and collect the key, approach the speaker controls one more time, and fight off yet another horde of baddies. After you’ve secured the area, aka killed or hostiles, the game will let you know that you’ve succeeded.

How to Donate to Settlement Projects in Division 2?

To donate to settlements to complete settlement projects in The Division 2, there are two things that you can do. You can donate through the map screen, or by going to the settlement and talking with the person at the Projects stand. Basically, what you have to do is select the Project you want to donate to and press Space on PC to view donations. From there, press the Donate button until you complete the objective, or run out of supplies to donate. For more detailed instructions, take a gander at our How to Complete Donate Objectives guide.

In case you need further help with Settlement Projects, you can check out our Disrupt Public Execution Locations – Where to Find guide. Or, head over to our list of Division 2 guides, which include Skill Mods – Where to Find, How to Equip & Share and Ruthless Assault Rifle – Merciless Score 250.

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