What To Do When You Hit Level 30 in Division

The Division End Game starts when you reach level 30. This is the final rank, the place where XP doesn’t matter anymore.
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When you get that far, you’ll need new things to do. You’ll have to start collecting Phoenix Credits, chase after high-end weapons and gear and engage in end game activities. This guide will show you what to do when you hit level 30 in The Division.

what to do when you hit level 30 division
The only way to get stronger after you max out your rank is by getting better gear. Specifically, you’ll be looking to increase your gear score. For that, you’ll need Phoenix Credits, which are used for buying top equipment. Here’s a list of things you can do to pass the time :

  • Challenging difficulty missions: Every mission that has a challenging difficulty (opens after lvl 30) can be played once, and it rewards you with Phoenix Credits. These are extremely difficult – you’ll need a well coordinated and eqiupped team. The elite enemies you’ll encounter are so strong, they might even one-shot you, if your gear isn’t up to standard.
  • Hard difficulty missions: These won’t reward you with much, expecially if you’ve already played through them, but there’s a chance some nice gear could drop.
  • Dark Zone roaming: Dark Zone is a great way to get (steal) amazing items. You’ll also need to raise your DZ rank if you want to use the best the game has to offer. Make sure you hunt down the Named Enemies, who drop Phoenix Credits.
  • Daily & Weekly missions: After lvl 30, you’ll get 3 daily missions every day. They’re exactly the same as the ones from the story, but they offer PC rewards.
  • Opening hidden chests: Each mission has a secret chest, and the loot from them scales with your character. If you’ve saved them for later, now’s the time to open them – you’ll get lvl 30 items.
  • Fully upgrade your Base of Operations: You’ll get access to an Advanced Weapons Vendor (who sells yellow items for credits) and a Special Gear Vendor who sells yellow items and blueprints.
  • Crafting: You can get amazing stuff by combining a good blueprint with the right materials.
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