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The War Economy is the 21st main mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It takes place in Angola, and requires you to crash a meeting between a CFA official and an arms dealer.
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Eavesdropping on their conversations yields interesting results, and the optional mission tasks are harder than they look.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

Mission Text

Eliminate the CFA official stationed at Nova Braga Airport. He is due to conduct an inspection with a visiting arms dealer, so expect heavy security.

MGS 5 The Phantom Pain The War Economy Walkthrough

Identified the CFA official

The CFA official awaits the arms dealer in the main airport building, on the first floor, next to the radio station. He stands out from other soldiers with his business suit. If you don’t reach this area quickly, he and the arms dealer start to patrol around and inside the building.

Identified the arms dealer

As you come near the main airport building, the chopper with the arms dealer approaches. It leaves the arms dealer in the building and begins to patrol the area. The arms dealer goes to the first floor, where he meets with the CFA official and starts patrolling the area with him. The arms dealer stands out from the soldiers thanks to his battle suit.
MGS 5 The Phantom Pain The War Economy Walkthrough
The arms dealer and CFA official caught in patrol.

Eliminated the CFA official

There are no consequences for killing him, beside not being able to finish the next task.

Extracted the CFA official

Extracting this target felt wrong – this guy deserved his destiny…

Extracted the arms dealer

This feels like the main objective. If you extract him, he gives you additional info about his mission. Be careful as you do it – you don’t want to set off the alarm and bring the chopper into attack mode.

Listened to all conversations between the arms dealer and the CFA official

You have to be fast with this one. As the chopper lands on the main building, the CFA official goes to the second floor, where he meets with the arms dealer. You can listen to the conversation from the spot facing the entrance to the building.

Secured the blueprint the gunship was carrying

The gunship carrying the arms dealer also has a blueprint. If you shoot the chopper down, you’ll get to scavenge the blueprint from the wreckage.

Extracted the materials container inside the Nova Braga Airport hangar

The depot with the containers is in the southern part of the airport. You’ll have to develop the Wormhole Fulton Upgrade before you can snatch them.

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Retake The Platform

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  1. M

    I am told you get the Container by using the last Version of the Fulton. its Fulton with 5 Stars i believe. Its the Wormhole Fulton which was shown in the FOB Trailer.

  2. N

    Can someone tell me how to obtain the blueprint in this mission?

    1. D

      Just shoot down the gunship after you deal with the arms dealer/official and the blueprint is located where the gunship crashed

    2. I

      And try to remember where the helicopter crashed so I suggest you climb to the top of the building then use a rocket launcher to attack it,or snipe the pilot out (its a Hind/HAVOC Hybrid the pilot is at the back the gunner is in front) or call for your own helicopter to attack it.

  3. B

    fot the conversation you have to listen to, I suggest you sneak into the airport and stay low until the chopper arrives and the guy gets inside, then you move in quickly and sneaky and open the door and listen to the first conversation
    as soon as this one is done move all the way back to the hangar and hop onto the truck
    listen to the 2nd conversation
    they’ll drive to another hangar and you just stay down and listen to the 3rd conversation.
    They’ll start drivin to the point they started the conversation from, let them get in and sneak inside to listen to the last conversation

  4. O

    I have the wormhole, I extract a container from the hangar but I don’t get the task completion? Is it bugged?

  5. B

    Dear admin, please correct the task where you have to listen to the conversation!
    It’s not one conversation they having, it’s FOUR
    one in the building, 2 in 2 different hangers and one in the same building again

  6. J

    For the “Listened to all conversations between the arms dealer and the CFA official” task you DON’T have to be next to them. Just enter the airport from the east gate, and just reach a high vantage point where you can see the radio tower, the north hangar, and south hangar. Once you have visual on all 3, just mark the CFA official as he leaves the chopper, use your int-scope and just focus on him, once he has his first conversation inside the radio tower just move the center of the scope a little bit in front of where the CFA official is facing and you’ll be able to hear them both with their first conversation. Once they’re done they’ll head to the north hangar, and before they reach it you’ll have an opportunity to mark the Arms Dealer. and from there on just put the center of the scope in between them everytime they start a conversation and you’re good. Once they board the chopper just shoot it down with however you see fit.

    1. C

      Fantastic tip. Worked great. Thanks.

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