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Uniforms are outfits Snake can wear in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. They help him blend in with the surroundings, and look fashionable while doing so.
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There’s eleven costumes to obtain, and you can buy them all at Mother Base. In this guide, we’re going to show you MGS5 uniforms, how they look and how much they cost.

Here’s the full list of uniforms Snake can wear:
  • Olive Drab
  • Splitter
  • Square
  • Tiger Stripe
  • Golden Tiger
  • Animals
  • Desert Fox
  • Woodland
  • Wetwork
  • Sneaking Suit
  • Battle Dress
  • Parasite Suit
The Sneaking Suit improves your stealth capabilities by dampening the sound of footsteps, while the Battle Dress improves your armor and gives you a better chance of surviving head-on encounters. The Parasite Suit is unlocked after Mission 28, and it can be powered with cartridges to give you Skull-like abilities.

Unlockable Uniforms

There are several uniforms you can unlock by obtaining key items for beating the game under certain conditions:


Finally, there are a couple of items that can be worn on the head, which are also unlocked by way of key items:
  • Bandana – 400,000 GMP
  • Infinity Bandana – 1,000,000 GMP, R&D lvl 48
The first lowers the chances of being critically injured, while the second gives you infinite ammo.

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