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Square Enix Producer on Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest Popularity Gap

In a recent interview for Edge magazine, Yu Miyake, executive producer of Dragon Quest, talked about the difference in popularity between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. The two series are both great successes, albeit in different regions. While Dragon Quest is hugely popular in Japan, it’s largely unknown in the west. On the other hand,…


The First Steam Awards Winners List

The First Steam Awards Winners Revealed

The first Steam Awards winners have been announced for all twelve categories. Steam users were responsible for creating the list and voting for their favorites….

Collector’s Edition – For Honor

For Honor Apollyon Collector’s Edition is currently available for pre-order. It can be purchased for 219.99$ at Gamestop, and it comes with various goodies. It’s…

PS Plus Free January 2017 Games

January 2017 PS Plus: Free Games

The January 2017 PS Plus: Free Games List is up. You can always track this kind of news on the PlayStation blog. January 2017 PS…

Gravity Rush Anime Released

Sony have released a short anime about Gravity Rush. Its full name is Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture, and it’s supposed to connect the…