Red Dead Redemption 2 Abalone Shell Fragment Location

Abalone shell fragment is a unique crafting material in Red Dead Redemption 2. There’s literally only one of it in the entire game, which makes finding it a pretty arduous task. You’ll need it if you want to craft a trinket called the Bison Horn Talisman. If you like to open every container and scour every house in the game on your own, you’ll find it eventually. However, if you want it fast, keep reading our Red Dead Redemption 2 abalone shell fragment location guide.

red dead redemption 2 abalone shell fragment location
Red Dead Redemption 2 Abalone Shell Fragment Location

Where to find abalone shell fragment in RDR2?

In order to get the abalone shell fragment, you’ll have to travel to Rhodes, the town in Lemoyne, west of Saint Denis. Once you’re there, follow the road north from the butcher’s shop and head towards the first house on the right. As you approach it, look for a white door on the longer side of the house. Go insite – it’s a tiny workshop. The shell fragment will be on the workbench on the right.

Once you have the fragment, you’ll also need to get a legendary bison horn, which you can obtain by hunting down the legendary white bison. Then you need to get a silver earring as well – this one might prove tough if you haven’t already kept all your valuables. It’s a common enough item, but getting one on short notice might be tricky.

When you’ve obtained all three ingredients, head to the nearest fence. Choose the option to craft, then scroll down to the talisman section. Choose the Bison Horn Talisman, and the fence will create one for you. You won’t unlock the perk right away, though – you’ll first need to equip the talisman. This can be done using a wardrobe, either at your camp or in a hotel.


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