Red Dead Online Alien DLC Alleged Leak Confirmed Fake

The Alien DLC rumor that’s been making waves around the internet has been confirmed fake. Not by some sleuth or journalist, but by the author of the “leak” themselves. They claim that they wanted to do an experiment about spreading rumors in the video game community. Well, mission one hundred percent accomplished.

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Red Dead Online Alien DLC Alleged Leak Confirmed Fake
Red Dead Online Alien DLC Alleged Leak Confirmed Fake

A few days ago, Reddit user throwaway11113454 started a rumor that some kind of alien DLC is coming to Red Dead Online. The person with the super-reliable user name claimed to be friends with an environment artist at Rockstar. They have since removed the body of the post, but people started spreading the rumor far and wide. And, considering that there is an alien Easter egg in RDR2 proper, the whole thing did have some legs to stand on. But, as it turns out, the leak was fake.

How do we know that? Well, the author of the post himself came clean. Basically, they admitted to inventing the alien leak after watching it get out of hand. Many outlets covered the story, to say nothing of all the YouTube videos that started popping up left and right. But why did they start the rumor in the first place? Well, according to them, it was an experiment on “spreading of rumors in video game culture.” They wanted to see what would happen, so they concocted an admittedly fairly believable story. Now, however, the jig is up, much to the frustration of plenty people.

Now, personally, I cringe whenever somebody defends their actions as an “experiment,” but for this one, I’m gonna give a temporary pass. It was a good story. That said, since this was an experiment, I will only forgive this completely when throwaway11113454 presents the data they’ve gathered. Show us what insight you’ve gathered, and we’ll be friends again, deal?

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