Red Dead Redemption 2 Double Action Revolver & Stone Hatchet - GTAO

Double action revolver & stone hatchet are weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2. At some point last year, there was a GTA Online challenge that, when completed, rewarded you with with said weapons. There was also the promise of getting them in RDR2 once it launched. Now that it’s live, a bunch of people are having trouble claiming them. This guide will show you how to get Red Dead Redemption 2 double action revolver & stone hatchet for free.

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red dead redemption 2 double action revolver stone hatchet gtao
Red Dead Redemption 2 Double-Action Revolver & Stone Hatchet – GTAO

How to get double-action revolver from GTA Online?

If you’ve completed the challenge in GTA Online, you should automatically get the double action revolver after the Eastward Bound mission in chapter 1. It’s going to be the basic version, but you’ll also get an exclusive gold metal skin which you can apply at a gunsmith’s shop. You have to be logged in on the same Rockstar Social account you’ve used in GTA Online, but there seems to be an issue with it, so a lot of people aren’t getting it. No help there until Rockstar fixes their stuff.

If you haven’t completed the challenge, you can find the revolver at any gunsmith shop. It becomes available for purchase only after you’ve progressed through the story a bit (chapter 2, A Strange Kindness mission). It costs $65, and it’s a pretty decent weapon. You can also get it for free during the chapter 3 mission where you rob a home with Sean.

How to get stone hatchet from GTA Online?

The hatchet, on the other hand, is completely exclusive – it’s only available to players who have completed the challenge in GTA Online. In order to get it, you’ll have to go to a Native American burial site north of lake Owanjila, west of Strawberry. Again, you’ll have to be on the same Rockstar Social account you used in GTAO, and if the weapon doesn’t appear, you can blame Rockstar’s network engineers.

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