Red Dead Redemption 2 Free Gun - How to Get Weapon Early in Game

Getting a weapon free in RDR 2 is the result of finding and saving an NPC. To get the free weapon early in Red Dead Redemption 2, you have to save an NPC from a snake bite. Then, you have to find him in another location later to get any gun you want at a gunsmith for completely free. Since this is a pretty big opportunity, here’s our Red Dead Redemption 2 Free Gun – How to Get Weapon Early guide to help you.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Free Gun - How to Get Weapon Early in Game
Red Dead Redemption 2 Free Gun – How to Get Weapon Early in Game

How to Get RDR 2 Free Gun Early?

To get a free gun early in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll have to help a random NPC in the second chapter of the game. Basically, once you wrap up with the introduction, the game will then let you go wherever you want in the open world. Your task is to ride out south of Caliban’s Seat, where your gang’s hangout is. Before you hit the road, though, make sure that you have a Health Cure consumable on your person.

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As you hit the road south of Caliban’s Seat, make sure to keep an ear out for a man in peril. He’ll be screaming for help near the river, so you can just use his cries to find him. The guy sports a long beard and a bowl cut, and he’ll be sitting in the tall grass. Mind you, this seems to be the a random encounter, so finding him might be a bit of a toss-up. Approach the NPC and interact with him to give him the Health Cure. Don’t delay, because he will die if you don’t act fast. You’ll get some Honor, but nothing else. At least, not immediately.

The trick is to wait a day or so, then head for the gunsmith store in Valentine. You’ll find your bowl-cut friend sitting on the porch in the store. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that you can have anything in the store on his tab. Walk into the store, and browse the catalog to see that all the weapons are free. However, some of them are going to be locked, because you’re still very early in the game. So, you might want to hold off to get something really good for free. Or, you can just grab something now; it’s up to you.

Where to Find Free Shotgun in RDR 2 Chapter 2?

To get yourself a free double-barrel shotgun in Chapter 2 if Red Dead Redemption 2, you have to complete the mission Paying a Social Call. During this mission, the game will tell you to search a cabin. There’s a whole bunch of stuff there that you can find. The double-barrel shotgun is hanging above the fireplace, below the deer skull. The weapon is in a state of slight disrepair, so you will have to clean it to bring it up to snuff.

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  1. J

    I didn’t get the free gun. The saved NPC was sitting on a porch at night and told I could get a free gun. The gun shop was closed at that time and after sleeping until morning the gun shop had been reset, apparently.

    1. S

      I think this is what also happened to me. First time it did work for me but I picked the wrong gun by accident. I went back to the last time I saved, which was right before a duel because I didn’t know how it worked. First of all, the duel was not there anymore and the NPC before the porch of the gun store was also gone. It really sucks.

    2. L

      I didn’t get the free gun either. Guy was on the porch, thanked me for saving him, told me to put it on his tab and I had my pick of the guns. I went straight to the Gunsmith and everything was full price with no options for a free weapon. This game is becomign increasingly buggy.

    3. A

      This happened to me too and j don’t have a save from befofe this really sucks!

  2. S

    I saw an NPC when I was doing the legendary hunting mission where the old guy left me to kill the bear. The NPC was attacked by wolves and I gave him whiskey instead of the cure. He died. Did I lose the free gun?

    1. J

      I don’t think that’s the same NPC.

    2. J

      I’ve saved the same NPC and gave him medicine. The sucker still left for the better place :)))

      It’s not the same NPC btw 😉

      Search further.

  3. C

    I was offered anything in the gunshop for $0 but thought I’d come back later to take the guy up on his offer after unlocking a few more options. However, when I came back the offer was no longer there and everything was full price. I guess the gun shop owner came down with a case of the amnesia (and probably diarrhea to boot).

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