Red Dead Redemption 2 Homestead Stash Locations - Breaking & Entering Trophy

Homestead stashes in RDR 2 are places that you can rob. Finding enough RDR 2 Homestead Stashes earns you the Breaking & Entering achievement. The trick is that homestead stashes in Red Dead Redemption 2 aren’t marked as such, so you’ll have to go exploring to find them. Plus, they’re strewn across the map, and some don’t even unlock until you get far enough into the game. So, with that in mind, here’s our Red Dead Redemption 2 Homestead Stash Locations guide to show you where to find them and how to obtain the Breaking & Entering achievement.

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How to Unlock Breaking & Entering Achievement in RDR2?

To unlock the Breaking & Entering achievement in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll have to locate and rob four homestead stashes in the game. There’s a grand total of seven homestead stashes in RDR 2, so you have plenty of wiggle room to complete this task and get the achievement. The homesteads are all in different parts of the map, and some of them don’t unlock until you’ve progressed far enough into the game.

Where to Find RDR 2 Stash in Chez Porter?

Chez Porter is a location in the Ambarino region. It’s a small group of buildings east of Whinyard Strait, northeast of Window Rock. Your goal is to hop to the upper level of the barn. To get there, jump onto the pile of wood. From there, hop to the haystack above. With this homestead, and all the others, make sure that you clear out the entire area. There seems to be a problem with registering the trophy, so getting only the stash might not count.

chez porter homestead stash location rdr 2

Lonnie’s Shack Homestead Stash Location – RDR 2

Lonnie’s Shack is in the Lemoyne area. You’ll spot it on the map as a small square west of the M in the word Lemoyne. The trick here is that, once you get to Lonnie’s Shack, four guys will attack you. Best you save before you get into the altercation. Why? Because you must leave one of them alive in order to find the stash. Kill the other three, but one of them has to stay alive. It doesn’t matter which one. When there’s only one standing, point the gun at him and threaten him to get the location of the stash. Depending on who you leave, the stash will be in a different place in the shack.

lonnies shack where to find red dead redemption 2 homestead stash

Red Dead Redemption 2 Aberdeen Pig Farm Location of Homestead Stash

You can find Aberdeen Pig Farm in Lemoyne, like the previous one. In fact, the pig farm is not far to the northeast from Lonnie’s Shack. Once there, you’ll find a guy chilling outside that you can have a chat with. Follow him inside the house and rob the place blind, then go around the house and go through the other door, at the south of the house. This door will lead you to the actual stash, and it won’t open unless you first follow the man into the house.

rdr 2 aberdeen pig farm homestead stash location where to find

Watson’s Cabin RDR 2 Homestead – How to Get the Stash?

To get the RDR 2 stash in the Watson’s Cabin homestead, you’ll have to be pretty cruel. First off, you’ll have to go to the right location. Watson’s Cabin is to the northwest of Walace Station, near the border with Grizzlies West. You can find it by following the Little Creek River to the northwest and keeping your eye on the right. Once you reach the location, go to the back of the old lady’s house and take the ladders to the basement. You’ll find a shotgun there that you’ll have to steal. Now, get the hell out of there and make a camp. Rest until the next day, then go back to the cabin. You’ll be greeted by the old lady’s four sons, which you’ll unfortunately have to kill. Now, go into the house and into the kitchen. You’ll find the stash on the table. And, as always, don’t forget to take everything else in sight.

watsons cabin homestead stash how to get rdr 2

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