Red Dead Online How to Rank Up Fast - XP Farming

Earning XP in Red Dead Online is a slow affair. Every cool thing you can own is locked behind a specific rank, which means you’ll constantly be chasing a bigger number, trying to rank up as quickly as possible. Pretty much everything you do in the game will reward you with experience points, so you’ll eventually get there by playing naturally. But if you want to rank up fast in Red Dead Online, you’ll have to do very specific things. This guide will show you the best XP farming methods for RDR2 Online.

red dead online how to rank up fast xp farming
Red Dead Online How to Rank Up Fast – XP Farming

How to earn XP fast in RDR2 Online?

There are two ways to speed up your XP gain, depending on your circumstances. If you’re part of a coordinated team, the quickest way to rank up would be to replay missions. The game allows you to play most of the missions again once you’ve beaten them. Choose one that’s short, like The Right Side of The Tracks, and repeat it until you’re sick of it. It should take no more than five minutes with a decent posse. However, if you’re playing by yourself, it could take a lot longer, which would make it drastically less lucrative.

The best way to earn XP is to win in PvP activities, but this requires some skill. If you’re good with a gun, pick a mode and face off against other cowboys in the prairie. Playing the objective and winning the match will give you a whole lot of experience, but keep in mind losing doesn’t pay nearly as well.

Things like hunting and scavenging don’t seem to have clear rules – sometimes you’ll get XP, sometimes you won’t. You’ll probably do them a lot in order to get money, but if it’s specifically EXP you’re after, the above methods are your best bet.


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