Red Dead Redemption 2 Kill or Spare Train Guards - Leviticus Cornwall Robbery

Kill or spare Leviticus Cornwall traing guards is one of the early choices in Red Dead Redemption 2. During the first chapter, you’ll have to rob a train. The last car is armored, and there are three guards inside it. Once you blow the door open, you’ll have to choose what to do with the guards. They’ll offer no resistance, basically becoming hostages the moment the doors are off the hinges. If you’re having trouble deciding their fate, our Red Dead Redemption 2 kill or spare train guards guide will help you choose.

red dead redemption 2 kill or spare train guards leviticus cornwall robbery
Red Dead Redemption 2 Kill or Spare Train Guards – Leviticus Cornwall Robbery

How to deal with the guards during train robbery?

At first, you won’t be able to enter the armored car, so Dutch will ask the train guards to open the door. They’ll refuse, saying they work for Leviticus Cornwall, and they’re honor-bound to not open them. You’ll use a couple of sticks of dynamite to open them yourself, after which the guards will happily throw their hands in the air and surrender. They don’t seem like guards at all, to be honest – more like clerks.

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You’ll round them up by a rock near the tracks, and leave them there while you rob the train blind. Once you’re back out, Arthur is the one who’ll get to choose how to deal with the guards. You can either execute them in cold blood, or let them back into the train. If you choose the latter, you’ll have to start the engine and let the train go on its merry way. We have no idea what happens when you choose to murder them, but it can’t be good – they offer no resistance.

This feels like a choice that will influence your reputation down the line, so it’s better to spare them out of caution, if nothing else. When we find out how this affects the game, and what happens if you choose to kill them, we’ll update the guide.

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  1. C

    I accidentally shot one and they all ran in different directions and I lost them, will let you know what happens because of that?

    1. A

      Yeah I did the same trying to pull up the dialogue options. Buttons are confuse me.

    2. D

      Use dead eye

  2. M
    Mark Cooper

    I followed them back on the train. Shot all 3 then started the train. Not far enough along to see what ramifications this will have.

    1. F
      Frank Gambino


    2. A

      I did the same damn thing. Seemed less grim under the guise of “I’m a good guy letting you live.” I did ponder whether the game was smart enough enough to understand that I still popped them all even though I chose the option to let them go.

      I drowned Chick (debtor) in a shallow stream. He took forever to die. I road up a mountain just to throw an over curious witness to his death too.

      What have I become?

    3. M

      Yeah me too.. But i only shot one to see what would happen. He had some nice loot (platinum watch i believe) and for the rest nothing seemed to change.

  3. A
    Adam Jay manion

    Left them alive. Will keep everyone posted

  4. S

    I let them back into the train and one said “we won’t tell anybody about this, I SWEAR!”. I donned my mask and walked into the train and shot all three dead with the carbine repeater. We can’t leave any witnesses. I got a dishonor mark but who cares? You are asked to start the train and get it moving with either decision.

  5. D

    Kill and loot……yolo

  6. J

    I let them live but hogtied them. haha because why not?

  7. J

    Hog tieing them on the train is the way to go. They still live (so you keep your honor points) but you can also now loot them, plus there is no risk of them running away.

  8. N

    Hogtied them, Carried all three to front of the Train’s engine, dropped them on the tracks, Looted everything then started Engine…. ???. No special cinematic…. I would assume that the devs would have thought of this scenario… but no affect on reputation, etc…

    1. D
      Doing This LITERALLY Right now lmao!

      I enjoyed your comment

  9. L

    Best way is to let them live to keep ur honor points but tie them up with the laso and loot the whole train dry!.

  10. J
    John eric

    Well what i did is shot them with arrows haha

  11. B

    Not going to lie, killed 2 and sent the third back on the train lmao

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