Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary & Unique Weapons

Unique weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 are guns with special, custom skins. You can get them by defeating famous gunslingers and finding hidden chests in remote locations. All of them have the same stats as regular weapons you can buy from the gunsmith, but they’re adorned with unique engravings, woodburning reliefs, gold plating and other ornaments. Their looks cannot be customized, and most of them are missable. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all Red Dead Redemption 2 legendary & unique weapons, what they look like and how to get them.

Flaco’s Revolver

red dead redemption 2 unique weapons

This one’s a variation of the standard Cattleman Revolver that has a carved ivory handle and intricate patterns engraved along the barrel and cylinder. The handle features an image of an eagle strangling a snake. You can get it from Flaco Hernandez – he’s one of the targets in the gunslinger missions. After you’ve defeated him in a duel, you’ll find the gun next to his corpse. If you don’t, it’ll disappear forever.

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Granger’s Revolver

red dead redemption 2 legendary weapons

This one’s also a reskin of the Cattleman. It’s made of dark metal with an ivory handle, and it’s entirely covered in reddish carvings. There’s a pig on the handle, and the rest are simple floral patterns. You can get it from Emmet Granger, another gunslinger target. Just pick it up from the ground after you defeat him in a duel. If you forget to pick it up, it’ll be gone for good.

Midnight’s Pistol

Midnight’s Pistol is a variant of the Mauser, gilded in its entirety, with a black handle and engravings on the magazine. To get it, you’ll have to defeat Billy Midnight during the gunslinger missions, and pick it up after the duel is over. Otherwise, it’ll disappear.

Calloway’s Revolver

This one’s a remix of the Schofield Revolver – it comes with a dark red wooden handle, an image of a hamster engraved on the side and the words “canis canem edit” written along the barrel (Latin for “dog eat dog”, and a likely reference to Bully, one of Rockstar’s previous games). You can pick it up from the ground after the duel in the last part of the quest Noblest of Men, and a Woman, after you’ve defeated Slim Grant. If you don’t, it’ll disappear.

Algernon’s Revolver

Algernon’s Revolver is a snub-nosed variation of the Double Action Revolver. It’s a polished, shiny gun with the gilded engraving of a hummingbird drinking nectar from a flower. You’ll get it as a reward for completing a side quest called Duchesses and Other Animals.

Otis Miller’s Revolver

rdr 2 unique legendary weapons

If you’ve found any of the comic books featured in the game, the name Otis Miller might ring a bell – he’s the protagonist of many of them. This Schofield variant is entirely gilded, with a monogrammed ivory handle and Otis’ name on the barrel. You can find it in a chest hidden in Rattlesnake Hollow, a cave by the north border of Cholla Springs, in New Austin.

Rare Rolling Block Rifle

This one is just like the regular Rolling Block Rifle, but made of black metal and with minimal carvings on the wooden parts. You can loot it during the mission Magician’s For Sport, in chapter 3. It will drop from the sniper in the barn near the end of the quest. Like most of these, if you fail to pick it up, you’ll lose it forever.

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