RDR2 Online Moonshine Deliveries Problems & Bugs

Moonshine deliveries in the RDR2 Online Moonshiners update are having a lot of problems and bugs. Among these, we’ve encountered getting stuck on a black loading screen, we’ve had our posse disband mid-mission countless times, and we’ve had trouble with our moonshine delivery getting destroyed during transport. So, we’ve put together our RDR2 Online Moonshine Deliveries Problems & Bugs guide to share our experiences with you, and hopefully help you figure out how to work around these issues until Rockstar fixes them properly.

RDR2 Online Moonshine Deliveries Problems & Bugs
RDR2 Online Moonshine Deliveries Problems & Bugs

Moonshine Delivery Destroyed in Red Dead Online – How to Prevent Losing Delivery?

To prevent losing your moonshine delivery in RDR2 Online by accidentally destroying it on the way, the number one advice we’ve got for you is: drive slowly. Yes, there’s a time limit, but you’ll always have enough. Don’t rush. Drive nice and slow, and stick to the road at all times. Aiming down the sights of your gun might come in handy here, because the horse locks onto the road automatically when you do.

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However, you shouldn’t lean too hard on this method. There might be rocks on the road, and you really don’t want to hit one with your wheel if your cargo is to remain whole. Keep an eye out on the blue wheel on the screen. If it starts blinking, stop moving immediately.

Last, but not least, you don’t have to go the way the game tells you. Nothing is stopping you from taking an easier road if you know of one. So yeah, bottom line: drive slowly, don’t stress about the clock, stick to the road, and keep your eyes peeled for obstacles. You’ll be just fine.

Stuck on Black Loading Screen Bug in Red Dead Online Moonshiners – How to Solve?

To solve the issue where you can’t complete your moonshine deliveries in Red Dead Online due to getting stuck on the black loading screen, the only thing you can try doing is restarting the game. It seems to work on PC for the most part, less so on consoles. However, this is the only thing you can to in order to exit the black screen, anyway. And nothing is going to bring back your lost money and materials, except maybe Rockstar Support.

Other than that, you and us both are going to have to wait for Rockstar to fix the issue with a hotfix. Much like the one where the moonshine timer resets, yes. There are some glaring faults with the Moonshiners update, and I’m sure that the devs are working hard on patching it.

Posse Disbanded RDR2 Online Moonshine Delivery Glitch

This is definitely one of the most egregious bugs in the Moonshiners update. Basically, what happens is, during the moonshine delivery, you’ll get the “posse disbanded” message and lose everything. Yes, even when you’re playing solo. Moreover, this bug can happen during other missions, like poisoning rival moonshine.

posse disbanded bug moonshine delivery red dead online

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing that you can do to fix this bug yourself. The only “solution” is to contact Rockstar Support and see if you can get anything back for your troubles. If you know of any solution for this issue, please, tell us in the comments. It’s already wrecked countless missions for us.

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  1. M
    Monica Ledford

    I’ve had the black screen happen to me about 15 times already, i’ve only been able to sell my moonshine twice. Kinda ruined it for me and I don’t even wanna play anymore.

    1. C

      Same here makes R* look bad ,,,,put a dead line for stuff but we cant progress in the game to get ,,,,,its a ripoff if you ask me

  2. C

    They are more into adding more buggy contents rather than fixing their connection error problem! Rockstar at their best, shame RDR 2 could be an amazing game if they are under a different developer

  3. G

    Since the update I’ve Had all my custom outfits disappear and I’m not able to save anymore.. The option to save isn’t greyed out its just not even there anymore. The game keeps crashing and closing to the xbox home screen. I’ve had the endless load screen alot and I’ve had my moonshine randomly just disappeare as it’s being made. I’ve noticed I can’t make special camp stews anymore and whisteling my horse it now spawns miles away or actually runs away from me. Game feels completely messed up since the update.

  4. R

    I keep having to redo the blood is thicker than whiskey mission.??? The last time I passed it after dying a million times, then it crashed with the robot brrrrrrrrr sound then went back to the Xbox screen. Gaahhh I’m gonna need moonshine for real to keep playing this &#$@&*+ game. Some nice cherry pie moonshine….yeah…that’s the ticket.

  5. J
    Jesse garza

    This game is dieing sad to say…..iam level 400 in this game I been playing since beta and I have never had a problem with a game like this game…this new moonshiner update is straight garbage……I love the idea and if playable would be a great thing to do to pass time , but unfortunately its not……..I can even progress due to the fact of a loading black screen……I lost out of 2000 in game money because of constant resets and loading screens….

  6. C

    I cant sell moonshine or restock and it sucks i just want the new fastest horse

  7. S
    Sam J Goodlin

    I’ve magically spawned in side of the moonshiner shacks bar(which i haven’t even bought yet, which is 950 dollars!). I get the black infinite screen of death as well. I think it’s ridiculous that in order for you to make more money for your stills, you have to pay 850 to upgrade it from the weak kind. So, i gotta grind to make money so that i can upgrade to make money?! WTF has that kind of money just laying around…oh you want me to spend real world money on those gold bar packs in the store? Wow, even the old west was cashing in on capitalism it seems.

  8. B

    Yeah I just completed a delivery and my screen had the cinematic boarder around the screen and then the wagon disappeared fr under my character and I was rewarded nothing for a run that was supposed to net me around 240$

  9. V

    Game just doesn’t load up for me anymore. I did get it to work once since the update, when I verified my cache… now that wont even work. All my drivers are up to date and the game worked flawlessly before this update. Guess I’ll just cross my fingers and wait for them to fix the issues. Would suck if I wasted that money on a game I can’t even play due to an update.

  10. J

    Am I the only one who has saved Lem from the prison wagon twice.

    1. W
      Wouter Kroese

      No same happened to me, although I couldn’t finish the second time since I keep getting killed.

  11. F
    Flat Earth

    So i wasn’t at level 5 trader and i only delivered small loads like under 10 and didn’t know about level 5 requirement but went to moonshiners did the cut scene she handed me the map and that was it i wasn’t asked to pick a place and pay the gold. I have since gone over level 5 and delivered loads of 25 items. But yet i cant even buy my moonshine shack when i click on moonshiners on the pause screen to start moonshiners again the game just stays on loading page with the revolver wheel spinning instead of taking me to Maggie’s shack again.

  12. A

    My issue is that the amount of money u lose is nor equivalent I lose 1 out of 20 bottles and a 3rd of sales is gone that is wack I’m selling 20 bottles for 90 dollars if 1 breaks that’s 85 dollars left not 60

  13. J

    I cannot make moonshine. I go to the shack, I talk to Marcel, he starts the process, I return a few minutes later and he never starts the batch. Getting very frustrated with this glitch. Also I tend to get booted off the game at the end of any small missions I do for bootleggers.

    1. G

      This! I’m currently having this problem especially with strong moonshine one. I’m done with this role!

  14. O

    I order $90.00 worth of moonshine to sell. After it is made i return to the shack to see the only option is for me to make a $52.00 sell. Has anyone had tbis problem and know how to fix it? I am paying $40.00 for the mash so i am not making much.
    Thank you in advance.

  15. B

    so far I have had back to back moonshine wagons destroyed while on cinima mode. did not get attacked, just found myself standing in the road with the wagon destroyed message, both times I lost all my shine

  16. B

    Sad, but lets admit fairly typical now days, that over a year down the line this still hasn’t been fixed,… but why should they care, they made their money.

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