RDR2 Strawberry General Store Side Business Robbery - No Bounty

General store in the town of Strawberry in Red Dead 2 has a side business that you can rob. This can be done without getting a bounty or reducing your honor. If you are playing as a true outlaw in RDR2 you are aware that all shops in the game can be robbed. This will attract the attention of the law. It may also, potentially, lead to a bounty on your head higher than the loot you got. Some shop owners in the game, however, have side businesses or illegal activities inside their shops. This opens the opportunity for an entrepreneurial outlaw like yourself to take advantage of the situation. These side business robberies usually involve you needing to complete some steps to make them available. You can also get some good money out of it and often a new weapon. In this article we’ll discuss how to start and get the most out of the general store side business robbery in Strawberry.

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RDR2 Strawberry General Store Side Business Robbery
RDR2 Strawberry General Store Side Business Robbery

How to start the Strawberry general store side business robbery?

You have to find a window to peek through on the general store building to determine there’s a side business in there. In this case the owner is running an illegal moonshine operation in his basement. Strawberry general store window you have to look through to start side business robbery is underneath the porch that takes you to the entrance of the store. When you approach it you will get an option to Peek and once you do the game should notify you that you discovered the shop’s side business. You won’t be able to do it otherwise. If you aim your weapon at the shop owner prior to this you will just start a regular shop robbery.

How to rob the Strawberry General Store shop without bounty?

You must initiate the side business robbery and you can take all the money and items inside the basement without bounty being raised. After the game tells you that you’ve unlocked the side business robbery enter the store. Aim your weapon at the owner. You should have an option to rob basement. He takes you down and you can pick up any items there. If you want additional $50 you have to threaten the shop owner again. Aim your weapon at him if need be. He should tell you about a hidden stash behind the still. Go towards the wall and then inspect it to unveil the money behind a brick. This is maximum loot you can get out of this encounter.

On your way out you can pick up the money from the cash register or any of the items in the store. Be warned that each item taken or robbing the cash register will decrease your honor. You won’t get a bounty, though, since no witnesses are around.

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