Red Dead Redemption 2 Scope Location & How to Use It

Scopes are weapon components in Red Dead Redemption 2. They can be attached to rifles, increasing your range slightly and allowing you to zoom in on your targets. There’s no downside to having one, so you should buy one for each rifle you use. However, a lot of people are having trouble finding them, or using them after they’ve installed them. This guide is going to show you Red Dead Redemption 2 scope locations and how to use them.

red dead redemption 2 scope location how to use
Red Dead Redemption 2 Scope Location & How to Use It

How to get scope in RDR2?

Like with all the other weapon attachments, you can buy the scope from a gunsmith. When you enter a shop, focus on the owner and select customize. Pick the rifle you want to improve, then select components (you might have to clean it first, depending on its condition). Scroll down to scopes, and install the one that suits you best.

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How to use scope in RDR2?

Once you’ve decked out a rifle, the game will explain how to use the scope when you first equip it. You might miss it, since it’s just a tiny message in the upper left corner. The game constantly harasses you with these, so it’s normal to start ignoring them. Anyway, all you need to do once you’ve drawn the scoped weapon is press down on the Dpad.

Comparing this to sniper rifles in the game, it’s much more useful. Sniper rifles zoom in automatically as soon as you draw them, while regular rifles with added scopes allow you to use them both scoped and unscoped. Versatility is key here, so you might want to think about completely replacing your sniper with, say, a scoped Lancaster Repeater. Just keep in mind dead eye won’t work like with other guns – when you’re scoped-in, it’ll just slow down time, but won’t allow you to mark targets.

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    Miss the white ray on the scope that shows which direction the enemies are, like was in RDR. A bit too challenging to aim with the rolling block scope mid-gunfight, as it is not intuitive when the view of the scope shows a close up of trees during a wooded battle.

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