Red Dead Redemption 2 Unique Mask Locations - Pig, Cat, Ram

Unique masks are special clothing items in Red Dead Redemption 2. Unlike regular masks, you cannot buy them from fences. Instead, you’ll have to find them out in the wilderness. Other than that, they’re the same as regular ones – they should work like bandanas, but they serve no purpose aside from the cosmetic one. In this guide, we’re going to help you collect them all by showing you Red Dead Redemption 2 unique mask locations.

red dead redemption 2 unique mask locations
Red Dead Redemption 2 Unique Mask Locations – Pig, Cat, Ram

What are masks and how to use them?

Masks are like bandanas – clothing items that cover your face. In theory, they’re supposed to protect your identity while you commit crimes. In practice, they’re just cosmetic items. They do look great. There are a bunch of masks you can buy, but the ones mentioned below are not available from vendors.

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To use them, you should head to the wardrobe, find them (they have their own category) and send them to the horse by pressing square (X on Xbox). Once you’ve done that, simply walk up to the horse, open up the weapon wheel and switch to the horse part. Look for the masks in the lower left corner, to the left of the outfits.

Pig mask location

The pig head mask is hidden in a butcher’s shop in Butcher Creek, northwest of Van Horn Trading Post. You’ll find it hanging from a pole near the butcher in the middle of the area.

Cat skull mask location

The cat skull mask is hidden in the Bayou. You’ll find it at Lakay, north of Saint Denis. Follow the road into the village, and look to your right as the road ends. You’ll see a half-sunken shack. Enter it and go into the back room. The mask will be mounted high up on the wall.

Ram skull mask location

The ram skull mask can be found in New Austin, so you’ll have to be pretty far into the game before you can get it. You’ll find it at Rathskeller Fork, an abandoned farm north of Tumbleweed. There’s a sheep pen in the east of the farm, and you’ll find the mask hanging on one of the pillars holding up the roof beams.

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    Benjamin Anderson

    be careful if you are collecting all the masks, if you collect the pagan ram mask first, then collect one of these, it will permanently remove the pagan mask from your inventory. not sure why, but i have sent Rockstar a ticket for it.

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