Lox Meat Pie - Valheim Best Food

Valheim lox meat pie is one of the best foods you can make in the game, so the ingredients are relatively difficult to come by. In fact, you can’t even begin to make it until you reach a specific biome, in which all the crafting materials are. Even then, preparing the ingredients for the lox pie in Valheim takes several extra steps. However, it’s well-worth your while. All that said, we’re gonna explain what you need to do in our Lox Meat Pie – Valheim Best Food guide.

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lox meat pie valheim best food
Lox Meat Pie – Valheim Best Food

Valheim Lox Meat Pie – How to Get Best Food

To get the lox meat pie in Valheim and make the best food, you need to progress all the way to the Plains biome. That’s where all the necessary ingredients are, after all. Mind you, it is one of the best foods you can make, along with Serpent Stew and Blood Pudding, so it’s worth the wait. Here are the ingredients you’re gonna need:

  • Barley Flour x4
  • Cloudberries x2
  • Cooked lox meat x2

Cloudberries are pretty much the easiest ingredient, since you can just find them growing around the Plains. Plus, you can use them and barley to tame lox, which brings us to our second ingredient. To get the cooked lox meat, you have to kill lox and place the meat over the Cooking Station. Lastly, for barley flour, you need to get barley by either growing it or stealing it from Fuling camps, then place it into your Windmill.

Once you have everything you need, place the ingredients into a Cauldron and wait for the meal to cook. As we’ve said, Valheim lox meat pie is one of the best foods that you can make in the game. That’s not just us saying that; the stats absolutely bear it out. It gives you a looot of health and stamina, plus it keeps healing you at a pretty good speed. Plus, its effects last forty minutes, so it has the reliability factor, too. These are the stats, as the appear in the game:

  • Health: 80
  • Stamina: 80
  • Duration: 2400 seconds, aka 40 minutes
  • Healing: 4 hp/tick
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