Enhanced Ursine Bear Gear | Witcher 3 Armor

Enhanced Bear Gear is the second level of upgrade for Bear School Gear armor and weapons. There are six diagrams you need to find in order to upgrade the whole set.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the Enhanced Bear Gear diagrams, what materials you’ll need to craft them, and theirs stats.

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UPDATE: Ursine armor requirements were changed in the latest update, along with many other. We’ve update the guide with the new numbers. If the level requirements in the game don’t match ours, you’re probably playing an out-of-date version.

Enhanced Bear Set Stats

The enhanced Bear Gear set is an improved version of the basic one, and the bonuses it offers are of the same kind. The amount of protection it offers is excellent, while it decreases stamina regeneration. You need to be level 25 to wield the swords and wear the outfit.

Enhanced Ursine Chest Armor

The diagram is in a smuggler’s cave called Grotto, in the south-eastern part of Ard Skellig. The entrance is directly at sea level. There’s a bunch of goodies inside, and at the end of the tunnel, there’s a vast room where you’ll meet the three Grossbart brothers. The outlaws will attack you – when you deal with them, go to the far left corner of the room to find the chest with the diagram.

Enhanced Ursine Boots

The diagram for the boots is on Ard Skellig, south-east of the Wild Shore signpost. There’s an unmarked cave at the foot of the mountain with three level 16 trolls in it. Defeat the trolls and loot the chests near the campfire. The diagram is in one of them.

Enhanced Ursine Trousers

The diagram for the trousers in on Undvik, on a small island north-east of Marlin Coast. Find a cave entrance blocked by giant icicles, use Aard to break them and loot the chest inside.

Enchanted Ursine Gauntlets

The diagram is in a ruined tower north-east of Rogne, on Ard Skellig. There are wraiths guarding it by night, but there’s no one during the day. You can just walk up the stairs and pick it up.

Enhanced Ursine Steel Sword

The diagram is on Prison Island, in Kaer Almhult. There will be a bunch of level 12 and 14 pirates to fight here. You shouldn’t meditate on the island – every time you do, the pirates will reappear. Follow the road from the signpost to the fort. When you walk through the gate, go up the stairs on your right and into the collapsed corridor. The chest with the diagram is next to the rubble.

Enhanced Ursine Silver Sword

The final diagram is on Ard Skellig, in the basement of a castle north-east of Kaer Gelen. There’s a bunch of level 21 alghouls living there, so you’ll need to defeat them first. Go into the lair and follow the tunnels until you reach a chest.

Materials needed for upgrading

Most of them can be obtained by dismantling unwanted equipment. Others can be bought. You’ll need to visit a Journeyman armorer and blacksmith to upgrade them.

Enhanced Ursine Silver Sword
  • Ursine Silver Sword x1
  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Meteorite Silver Ingot x2
  • Nigredo x1
  • Monster Saliva x1
Enhanced Ursine Steel Sword
  • Ursine Steel Sword x1
  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Dark Steel ingot x2
  • Monster Hair x1
  • Monster Bone x1
Enhanced Ursine Armor
  • Ursine Armor x1
  • Hardened Leather x3
  • Meteorite Silver Plate x1
  • String x5
  • Monster Hair x5
Enhanced Ursine Trousers
  • Ursine Trousers x1
  • Silk x2
  • Cured Leather x1
  • Silver x5
  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Monster Liver x1
Enhanced Ursine Boots
  • Ursine Boots x1
  • Hardened Leather x2
  • Dark Iron Ore x1
  • String x2
  • Fur Scrap x1
  • Monster Blood x1
Enhanced Ursine Gauntlets
  • Ursine Gauntlets x1
  • Cured Leather x2
  • Dark Iron Ore x1
  • Silver x3
  • Leather Straps x2
  • Monster Tongue x2