New Blood and Wine Armor Sets | Witcher 3

Armor Sets have always been a big part of The Witcher 3. They protect Geralt from monsters, fire and bandits, but also make him look really, really cool.
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Blood and Wine, the latest DLC for the game, has added quite a lot of armor. The developers say there’s over a 100 individual pieces. This guide will show you new armor sets in Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, what they look like, their stats and how to get them.

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Toussaint Armor Set

Toussaint Armor is the golden plated armor the knights errant wear. You’ll need to be level 53 to use it, and you can get it in the Land of a Thousand Fables – beware, it’s missable, since you can’t go back there once you’re out.

Hen Gaidth Armor

Hen Gaidth Armor is a new set that can be worn at level 52. You can get it during one of the late main story missions. It looks like the Tesham Mutna, only it’s bright red and provides more protection. It also has a mask.

Tesham Mutna Armor

Tesham Mutna Armor is a brand new outfit in The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine. You’ll be able to equip this heavy armor set at level 39. Wearing more than 3 pieces at a time will give you a vampiric aura, allowing you to heal yourself by killing enemies.

Manticore Armor

Manticore outfit is the unexpected, new set of Witcher Gear. It’s a medium set, with all the usual pros and cons that come with that. What’s important is that it looks exactly like the outfit Geralt wore in the first game. It may not be the best in terms of protection, but nothing can beat it when it comes to scoring nostalgia points.

Grandmaster Bear Ursine Armor

The heavy Bear Armor has always received much love, but with a hint of sadness. Where are the furry pauldrons we’ve seen in the concept drawings? Why were they taken out? Well now they’re here! The Grandmaster Ursine Bear Gear version has the fabled bearskin pauldrons, so you can finally rest knowing you have the most fabulous costume.

Grandmaster Feline Cat Armor

The Cat armor will also be familiar to most players, but the grandmaster version has an exciting addition – a hood! Grandmaster Feline Cat gear is the only hooded armor in the game, so if you’re going for that shadowy look, there’s no other choice.

Grandmaster Wolf Armor

If you were using the Wolven Armor in the base game, you’ll be happy to hear you can continue wearing it, even upgrading it to grandmaster level. It’s going to look bulkier than ever, with straps and patches all around. Check out our detailed guide for Grandmaster Wolf Gear.

Grandmaster Griffin Armor

The grandmaster version of the Griffin Armor will make Geralt look like a veritable knight. A mix of plate and chain mail, with brightly shining knee pads and gauntlets should make him fit right in with the populace of Toussaint. Take a look at Grandmaster Griffin Armor guide.