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Blood and Wine is the last expansion pack for The Witcher 3. It adds a whole new area to the game, and along with it a bunch of new, exotic weapons. There are dozens of steel and silver swords to be found during this new adventure – some of them are mediocre, but some are really amazing, worthy of becoming a valuable part of your arsenal. In this guide, we’re going to show you all new Blood and Wine weapons in The Witcher 3, how to get them, what they look like and their stats.

If you need help with a quest, finding a piece of armor or anything else, be sure to check out our Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Walkthrough & Guides.


Aerondight is a legendary sword that has appeard in all Witcher games. Now it has been added to The Witcher 3 as well, and it’s probably the best sword there is. It rewards skill with damage buffs. You’ll have to solve a convoluted series of quests in order to get it.

Vitis Relic Steel Sword

Vitis is a relic steel sword you can use after you reach level 53. It has decent damage and gives you increased sign intensity across all signs. You can snatch it from fairytale land, during the main quest. It can be missed, since you can’t revisit this location.

Toussaint Steel Sword

Toussaint Steel Sword is one of the best steel swords in the game. You can get it from a treasure hunt side quest in Blood and Wine. You need to be level 48 to use it, and it will provide you with a lot of armor piercing and increased critical hit damage.

Gesheft Relic Silver Sword

Gesheft is a silver sword you can craft pretty early on. You need to be level 45 to use it, and it’ll provide you with increased Aard intensity and double critical hit damage. It also has a pretty nice damage output, which makes it a great early weapon for the expansion.

Grandmaster Ursine Steel & Silver Swords

The Grandmaster Bear Swords are part of the Bear School Gear. If you’ve played the game before, you probably have some version of this set. If it’s the mastercrafted one, you can upgrade them to grandmaster level in Blood & Wine, making them more deadly than ever before.

Grandmaster Feline Swords

If you’ve played as nimble Geralt, you’re most certainly acquainted with Cat School Gear. The swords from the Feline set can receive their final upgrade in Toussaint, which will increase their stats across the board. For detailed information about how to get them, take a look at our Grandmaster Feline Set guide.

Grandmaster Griffin Silver & Steel Swords

Grandmaster Griffin Swords are a part of the Griffin School Gear – they’re favourites of many hybrid build users. If you’ve used them before, you can get them up to grandmaster level now, which will improve them vastly.

Grandmaster Wolven Swords

The Grandmaster Wolf Sword pair is also a returning favorite. Wolf School was pretty popular in the vanilla game, and not without reason. They are a great fit for anyone who wants a broad specialization. Now you can craft their best upgrade yet, for the price of a diagram and some materials.

Manticore Swords

Part of the Manticore School Gear, these blades are entirely new. They’ve been added in the DLC; they belong to a hitherto unknown witcher school. You won’t be disappointed if you give them a chance, and you’ll most certainly want them in your Witcher Gear collection anyway.

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  1. G

    if you decide to wager for your silver sword against the ofieri guy in the gwent tournament in beauclair, you get a steel sword named blave if you win.

    1. Z

      How good is this sword for a crit build? Still using the Ofieri Saber right now with:
      Aard Sign Intensity: +10%
      Igni Sign Intensity: +20%
      Axii Sign Intensity: +10%
      Critical hit bonus: +75%
      Critical Hit Chance: +15%

      1. S

        Blave sword has this: Aard: +15%
        Igni: +24%
        Axii: +15%
        Crit hit bonus: +75%
        Crit hit chance: +15%
        Damage: 411-503
        Required level: 52

        1. T

          I got the Blave, but only at level 41. Hopefully, I can find one at level 52 as its a fantastic sword.

          1. S

            If you dont, you can always add Blave to your inventory via console, its stats should adjust to your current level, though I would recommend at least first playthrough without any “too changing” mods, console commands and cheats 😉

        2. L

          Do you know the code for Blave?

          1. L

            nevermind, found it.

            Blave is additem(‘Gwent steel sword 1’)

  2. H

    If you follow the wisp in the clouds of the fairytale land, it will lead you to a Level 52 Gesheft that is better than the Aerondight.

    1. M

      Every time you get hit even ONCE, you lose at least half of the charges you worked so f***ing hard to accumulate. So basically, ANYTHING is better than Adrondight.

      1. R

        That means you are just bad…And adrondight scales with user level. Literally nothing better or more powerfull in the game. It can almost one shot monsters with its full stacks on deathmarch! I can only imagine what it must do on lower difficulties

  3. R
    Rick James

    Anyone have the item code for the Blave sword? Cant seem to find it anywhere.

  4. Z
    Zuhair Ali

    Elven Steel Sword is the best steel sword with damage of 700+.

    You can get this sword after completing the side quest Extreme Cosplay…The way it glows is amazing

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