Dying Light 10 New Free DLCs in a Year Long Plan

Dying Light: 10 New Free DLCs in a Year-Long Plan

Techland’s masterpiece Dying Light will get ten new free DLCs over a twelve-month period. This campaign will launch later this year, as a part of Techland’s continuous support for the game. To make it worth the wait, the first update (which might not be a part of the free DLC program,) labeled as Content Drop […]
dying light the following beat 'em up color

Paint Job Locations

Paint Jobs are custom color schemes for the buggy in Dying Light: The Following. They can change the way your car looks, sometimes even adding parts like fenders and bars. There are a few dozen of them in the Countryside, all well hidden. This guide will show you where to find paint jobs for the […]
dying light turbo level 6

Best Buggy Car Parts

Best Buggy Parts in Dying Light: The Following are a set of experimental military car parts which are scattered across the Countryside. You’ll need to advance through the campaign in order to get them, and you’ll have to get a special military keycard. They are all level 6, providing better bonuses than any other buggy […]
stiff stick blueprint location the following

New Blueprints in Dying Light: The Following

Blueprints are crafting schematics in Dying Light: The Following. Together with various materials, they are used to craft unique weapons, upgrades and items. They are mostly well hidden across the map, in hard to reach places. This guide will shows you all blueprint locations in Dying Light: The Following. Note: This guide is a work […]
phlebotomizer blueprint location dying light

Phlebotomizer Location

The Phlebotomizer is a mod you can attach to various weapons in Dying Light: The Following. It makes a weapon cause severe bleeding, which does damage to enemies over time. It can be applied to pretty much anything with a blade, but you have to get a blueprint in order to make it. This guide […]
ice cream blueprint dying light

Ice Cream Blueprint Location

Ice Cream is a new weapon mod in Dying Light: The Following. It adds a slight freezing effect to cleavers and sickles, letting them stop enemies in their tracks for a few moments. If you want to use it, you’ll need to craft it first, so you’ll have to look for a blueprint. In this […]
super molotov blueprint location dl following

Super Molotov Blueprint

Super Molotov is a new thrown weapon in Dying Light: The Following. It’s like the regular Molotov cocktail, only better – with a higher damage output and a bigger burning radius. It’s a straight upgrade, so there’s no reason not to get it as soon as possible. There’s a crafting diagram for it hidden in […]
dying light roast blast crafting blueprint

Roast Blast Blueprint Location

Roast Blast is one of the new weapon upgrades in Dying Light: The Following. It provides you with a buff that makes your axe or hammer do a lot of fire damage. It’s a great choice for playing at night, and it can light up groups with a few measured swings. The only way to […]
bad plug blueprint

Bad Plug Blueprint

If you are a passionate Blueprint collector, Dying Light: The Following offers new blueprints that you will want to check out. The first one we came across was Bad Plug blueprint. Bad Plug is an upgrade that adds a medium electrical discharge and a minor impact boost to your bladed weapons like Short knife, Long […]
flame stabber blueprint location dying light

Flame Stabber Blueprint Location

Flame Stabber is a weapon upgrade in Dying Light: The Following. When used, it applies a strong fire effect to a bladed weapon of your choice. It’s fun to use and very efficient against groups – you can set enemies on fire, then run away and let them burn. In this guide, we’re going to […]
dying light the following arrows blueprint location

Arrows Blueprint Location

Arrows are ammo for the bows in Dying Light: The Following. They can be reused – just pull them out of corpses and they’re ready to be shot again. The downside is – they’re a little expensive. This guide will show you where to find the arrows blueprint in DL: The Following, so you don’t […]
Rais outfit dying light

Legend Outfits in Dying Light: The following

For the first time Dying Light offers a post game content, that lets you upgrade your character even further. In the Dying Light: The Following, under the Skills tree you’ll get access to Legend Level with a whole new set of skills. As you gain Legend levels you’ll get access to new player emblems, outfits, […]
dying light the following dlc campaign

How to start The Following DLC Campaign

The Following is the new story DLC for Dying Light. It offers a brand new map and a new campaign involving the old protagonist. Starting isn’t really intuitive, so you might end up stuck, not knowing where to go to play the new missions. This guide will show you how to start The Following DLC […]
docket codes dying light the following

42 Dockets Code – Dying Light: The Following

Docket Codes are coupons in Dying Light that can be exchanged for weapons. Dying Light: The Following offers 42 valid dockets – 15 standard weapon dockets, 19 premium dockets and 8 community docket codes. We would like to thank reddit user ColossalKiwi for creating this list. How to redeem a Docket code Visit the website […]
dying light the following bounties video

The Following Bounties Video Released

Techland have released a new video for The Following, Dying Light’s upcoming expansion. The trailer details Bounties, one of the new features that await inside the DLC. They are activities available once you’ve beaten the main game. There will be three kinds of bounties available: The first kind will track certain stats and reward you […]
dying light the following dune buggy customization

Dune Buggy Customization Video Released

Techland have released a new trailer for Dying Light’s The Following DLC. It’s called Weaponize Your Ride, and it shows off and explains the dune buggy customization, upgrades and modifications. First up are the cosmetic changes. You’ll be able to choose from a bunch of different paint jobs, but we’re still unsure whether custom paint […]
dying light the following gameplay video

The Following DLC Gameplay Video

Techland have a new video of Dying Light: The Following up. It contains the early missions of the new campaign, along with some freeform driving and a commentary from one of the developers. The story takes place in a brand new area, far from the city. The map is roughly the same size as the […]
Dying Light 1.5 Weapon

Patch 1.5 Hard Mode Overview

Dying Light patch 1.5 was released on March 10th 2015 for all platforms. The biggest upgrades are the ability to play the game on Hard Mode, 50 new weapons and an additional weapon rarity level – extremely rare Gold. You can read about it more in the list below. Patch 1.5 Notes Features: Hard Mode […]