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Companions are allies that travel with you and fight by your side in Fallout 4. Each one has its own abilities and a personality, but you can take only one with you at any time. This guide will show you all Fallout 4 companions, how to get them and what they can do.

There are several things to keep in mind regarding companions:
  • You can only take one with you.
  • When you dismiss a companion, they’ll either go to your settlement, or the place where you found them.
  • Companions cannot die – when hurt badly enough, they’ll get knocked out.
  • There are commands you can issue them, like sending them to pick up items, use objects or go to certain places.
  • You can maintain your relationships with them, and if they’re good enough, you can even romance the human ones.
  • Companions have unique perks

List of Companions in Fallout 4

Unlike regular perks that can be unlocked while leveling up, Companion perks are granted by companions. Each companion has an unique perk, which remains active as long as the companion is following the player. Companion’s perk is active regardless of the distance between the player and his companion. When you dismiss a companion, its perk will be deactivated as well.

Companion Location Type Quest Romance Perk
Combat Zone Human female Benign Intervention Yes Trigger Rush
Sanctuary Hills Robot None No Robot Sympathy
Vault 81 Robot Emergent Behavior Yes Combat Medic
Cambridge Police Station Human male None Yes Know Your Enemy
Red Rocket Gas Station Animal None No No
Old North Church Human male None No Cloak and Dagger
Goodneighbor Ghoul male Recruiting Hancock Yes Isodoped
Goodneighbor Human male Long Road Ahead Yes Killshot
Vault 114 Synth male Long Time Coming No Close to Metal
Diamond City Human female Story of the Century Yes Gift of Gab
Preston Garvey
Museum of Freedom Human male None Yes United We Stand
Trinity Tower Mutant male None No Berserk
X6-88 The Institute Synth male None No Shield Harmonics

7 thoughts on “Companions

  1. Falhurk

    You can find Sheffield as a companion in Diamond city. He’s in front of the Slugger store and can be acquired by giving him a nuka cola and offering to employ him.

  2. kargo

    How can you leave a companion where you found them? For example, I want to leave Piper in Diamond City but Diamond City is never a selection on the menu.

    1. Lonlywonder

      yes, you can.
      when settlement selection window appear. hit O (PS4) to close selection window. then you will see message said Piper going to Diamond City, as example.


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