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Maintaining relationship levels with your companions will be a big part of Fallout 4. If you’re on good enough terms, you’ll even be able to have a romantic relationship with any of the human ones.
This guide will show you the basics of Fallout 4 romance – which characters you can romance, where to find them, and how to seduce them.

fallout 4 romance guide Here’s what we know about relationships and romance so far:
  • You can almost exclusively romance human characters (with a few exceptions).
  • All of them are viable options, regardless of your character’s gender.
  • There will be about a dozen companions, but it’s safe to assume 4-5 will be non-human (the dog, the robot, etc).
  • In order to begin a romance, you’ll have to raise your Relationship Level.
  • When you reach maximum Relationship level with a companion, you’ll unlock the Loveable achievement.

List of Romanceable Companions

In the list below you can find all companions that you can have romance with, where to find them, and their unique perks. If you need more details about each companion and how to reach Maximum Relationship Level with them, please follow the links in the table.

Companion Location Type Quest Romance Perk
Combat Zone Human female Benign Intervention Yes Trigger Rush
Sanctuary Hills Robot None No Robot Sympathy
Vault 81 Robot Emergent Behavior Yes Combat Medic
Cambridge Police Station Human male None Yes Know Your Enemy
Red Rocket Gas Station Animal None No No
Old North Church Human male None No Cloak and Dagger
Goodneighbor Ghoul male Recruiting Hancock Yes Isodoped
Goodneighbor Human male Long Road Ahead Yes Killshot
Vault 114 Synth male Long Time Coming No Close to Metal
Diamond City Human female Story of the Century Yes Gift of Gab
Preston Garvey
Museum of Freedom Human male None Yes United We Stand
Trinity Tower Mutant male None No Berserk
X6-88 The Institute Synth male None No Shield Harmonics

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