Black Hood, Ring of Lucii, Dominator, Ultima Blade - FF 15 Best End Game Items

Best end game items in Final Fantasy XV include top tier equipment, stuff you can easily use to defeat even the strongest enemies. They include the Black Hood, Ring of Lucci, the Dominator and the Ultima Blade. Once you’ve got them, you’ll be an unstoppable force. Not even the level 99 enemies will pose a serious threat. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get FFXV best ending items.

FFXV Black Hood

The Black Hood is an accessory you can get late in the game. It’s located at the very end of Pitioss Dungeon – you can’t miss it. All you need to do is beat the dungeon. To even get there, you’ll need the Regalia Type-F flying car.

When you equip it, it will make you automatically evade all attacks, making you practically invulnerable. Only Noctis can use it, though.

Ring of Lucii in FF 15

The Ring of Lucii is an heirloom of the Lucian kings. As such, you’ll get it automatically during the main story, in chapter 13. It will allow you to cast advanced magic, including a spell that lets you heal by dealing damage to your opponents. If there’s a particularly difficult enemy, you could consider leaving them for later, after you’ve obtained the ring.

Final Fantasy 15 Dominator

Although the Armiger weapons are generally the best ones you can find, there are weapons that exceed them in some regards. The Dominator is one such weapon. It’s a greatsword that does a crazy amount of damage (583 attack), while also increasing your health and dark resistance. You’ll find it by the buildings north of Alstor Slough, in Duscae.

Final Fantasy XV Ultima Blade

The Ultima Blade is part of Noctis’ heirloom. You can get it by upgrading the Engine Blade, your starting weapon, through a quest called A Better Engine Blade. It’s not the best weapon you can get, but it has emotional value. It also absorbs elemental energy from fallen enemies, meanwhile increasing MP and magic, which is always a plus. In order to get it, you’ll need three rare items:

FFXV Ribbon

The Ribbon is an accessory you can obtain later in the game. It prevents almost all status ailments – it’s like having five or six accessories in one slot. There are two ways to obtain it:

  • It can be bought from a merchant in Altissia, using oracle coins. You’ll need 40, so it’s a bit expensive.
  • The other option isn’t any less time-consuming – You’ll receive the Ribbon once you complete the Frogs of Legend quest.

25 thoughts on “Black Hood, Ring of Lucii, Dominator, Ultima Blade – FFXV Best End Game Items

  1. Golden69

    U can find a second dominator as well as a sky gemstone and a wizard shield in keycatrich Trench once u open the secret door

    1. fawkes79

      yes, but it requires going through a lvl 90 dungeon after the game is finished, so its more difficult to get than ultima.

  2. Senketsu Kira

    Apparently there is somewhere in the open world you can get the black hood my friend has it and is only on chapter 3 i was so pissed cause i went through that dungeon to get it and he has it sadly he doesnt remember where he got it but if someone knows it would be a better alternative then clearing that dungeon lol

    1. josh mcguigan

      Well your friend is bullshitting my riend because you can only get the black hood from the end game secret dungeon

        1. Thea Queen

          There is new game + in this game. Your friend just beat the game already, got the hood, then started a new game + file and still has it. Not rocket science.

    2. CovetousTuba407

      Screenshot don’t mean shit. It’s impossible. You can’t get access to the flying car in chapter 3 and unless he’s level 90 I highly doubt he’s gonna beat the dungeon without the rest of the team.

  3. NightmareApostle

    Best greatsword is Apocalypse
    Best sword is Balmung
    Best Daggers are Zwii Crossblades
    Best Pistol is death penalty
    Best fire spell is flare
    Best ice spell is freeze
    Best lightning spell is electon

    Black hood isnt worth the trouble really
    Ribbon is great but situational
    Ring of Lucii is good the higher your level is but useless for high level bosses

  4. Derek

    You can’t trade lmfao . It’s possible he’s bs you and glitches into pitios ruins somehow cuz there is only 1 in the game .

  5. James

    My Ultima Weapon only has attack of 208 and Dominator attack of 265. Is this something to do with the day-1 patch? I don’t have wifi in my current place so can’t update.

  6. Frank

    I have the apocalypse and the balmung, these 2 are much better than ultima and dominate, apocalypse is 597 damage and can be find at a dungeon after finishing the main story, I don’t remember where though

  7. Dustbuster

    You can also get a ribbon by playing the heroes/monsters pinball game in Altissia. The one near the oracle coin vender, that costs 10,000 GIl to play.
    You need to win between 80-89 pieces of wood. (or whatever that wood looking thing is called)


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