Red Dead Redemption 2 How To Keep Stolen Hats

Stolen hats are clothing items in Red Dead Redemption 2. They’re just like regular hats, except they’re obtained ilegally. After you pick up another person’s hat, it won’t always immediately appear in your wardrobe. Sometimes it seems like you have to wait a certain amount of time, or visit a camp before it’s yours for good. Our Red Dead Redemption 2 how to keep stolen hats guide shows you what the entire process actually looks like and what you need to do to keep a hat forever.

red dead redemption 2 how to keep stolen hats
Red Dead Redemption 2 How To Keep Stolen Hats

How to steal hats in RDR2?

UPDATE: There’s a workaround that lets you steal hats that aren’t usualy available for stealing. You need to access your wardrobe, then remove all the hats from the horse (apart from the default one, as that one cannot be removed). After you’ve done this, put the hat you want to steal on your head and mount the horse. The hat will automatically appear in your horse wheel, and in the wardrobe (thanks matt!).

You’ve probably already tried to steal hats with little success. You kill a man, take his hat, wear it for a while, and then it disappears instead of showing up in your wardrobe or horse menu. It’s frustrating, so a lot of people are wondering how the system works exactly. Some claim you have to wear it for a while before it’s yours, others think you have to go to a camp while wearing it in order to store it.

The truth is far more simple than that. The only hats you can steal are the ones that glow while on the ground. When you pick one up, a popup on the right side of the screen will tell you the name of the hat. It will immediately appear in your wardrobe, and in the horse inventory.

If the hat doesn’t glow, you won’t get the popup after you’ve picked it up, and it won’t be stored in your stash. The game deems hats like these too irrelevant to give them a permanent spot in your trunk. When you pick up such a hat, you’ll get a message saying it cannot be stored and will be lost if you leave it on the ground.

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    Christopher Edwards

    Wow thanks for not answering the question in your headline

    Arthur Morgan

    So what you’re saying is is rockstar only lets steal very specific hats. That’s wonderful feature!


    Can you provide list of “steal-able” hats


    thanks. I was wandering why I couldnt save hats.


    you can save all hats, just go to camp delete a hat from your horse and get on the horse with the hat you want to save it will automaticly save on your horse


      This doesn’t work on hats that aren’t made to be stolen. I tried it and it doesn’t work. .


    You guys are the real Mbps! I got this lol old lady bonnet /wig that I can finally take off lmao


    I stole an awesome hat from an Odriscoll, looked like a worn black panama hat. I wore it for three days, traversed half the map, went to camp, emptied horse hats, mounted, slept, saved and it still disappeared when i loaded save. Why give us the option to swap hat if we lose it as soon as we end playing session. Kinda dumb.

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