Shadow of Mordor Sword Legend Power of the One

Sword Legends Missions guide

In order to upgrade the legend of your sword, players should complete 10 missions named Sword Legends. Once you complete them all your sword gets new markings. Other than this "awesome" reward, completing 10 Sword Legend missions bring 4,000 XP (400 each), 3,500 Mirian and additional 500 Mirian for bonus objectives (50 each).
How to earn Mirian, XP and Power in Shadow of Mordor

How to earn Mirian, XP and Power

While leveling up your character in the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, players should focus on unlocking Abilities and maximizing Attributes. You can unlock 39 Abilities organized in 5 Tiers, and divided into two unique skill trees Ranger and Wraith. In order to unlock a new Ability you have to earn Power.