AC Valhalla Going Deeper - Waking Up in Asgard

Going Deeper is a quest in Assasin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s the one where you bring Valka the herbs from the cave in Cent, then drink the potion and go to Jotunheim. However, lots of folks are getting stuck here. They drink the potion and end up back in Asgard, with nothing to do there. If you’re having this issue, our AC Valhalla Going Deeper guide will show you what to do when you wake up in Asgard by mistake.

ac valhalla going deeper waking up in asgard
AC Valhalla Going Deeper – Waking Up in Asgard

Going Deeper potion bug

So you’ve brought Valka the plants, drank the potion, and now you’re in Asgard. There are no quests there, and you thought you’d end up in Jotunheim instead. The solution is pretty simple – you drank the wrong potion.

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Valka will brew a separate potion from St John’s Wort and Fireweed, then place it on the table next to the one that was already there. The bowls are tiny, and the prompt for the Asgard potion pops up as soon as you approach the table. If you move a step or two forward and adjust the camera, you’ll get the prompt for the new potion. Drink it, and you’ll end up in Jotunheim as intended.

So it’s not really a bug, just a poorly designed and explained feature. If you look closely enough, or use Odin’s sight, you’ll notice there are two of them now. Most people cleaned up Asgard completely before moving on, so they presume there’s no reason, and maybe even no way, to go back after that portion of the story is over.

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  1. A

    Well I figured this out once I’d done it. However once in Asgard I was totally stuck, no option or way of leaving after hours of looking, no wake up eye option , no nothing, couldn’t go to atlas on the map. Had to load up an old save point back in cent losing hours of play.

    1. R

      Yeah same here but I don’t even have an old save i can use. My whole gaming experience in valhalla has come to an end. With 50 hours of gameplay I’m not going to start again but was way off completing the game. Very sad. Even bought the deluxe edition I can’t use any dlc

      1. A

        Theres a door on the right of heimdall’s tower that lets you leave.

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